Roppongi Hills

Final Fantasy art exhibit to be held in Tokyo to honor the tear-jerking good-byes between heroes

Fans have met a lot of memorable characters in the video game series’ 30 years, which also means a lot of bittersweet farewells.

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Spider-Man cafe opens in Roppongi Hills to commemorate new film, offers spidery eats and drinks

The limited-time cafe has our Spider-Senses, and taste buds, tingling!

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Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition opens in Tokyo, and we stop by to experience the heroic display

Giant statues, themed food, and exclusive merchandise are all part of the event at Roppongi Hills.

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Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano anthropomorphizes katana made from a meteorite

Illustration and blade that inspired it to be shown together at Tokyo museum.

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Tokyo shopping center celebrates Halloween with so, so many eyeball-shaped sweets 【Photos】

Eyeballs for everybody! Oh, except the teddy bear cake that they clawed one off of.

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We visited the Studio Ghibli Exhibition at Roppongi Hills as part of an exclusive event!【Photos】

With a life-sized Totoro, a cat bus for adults, and an enormous airship that floats up and down, this exhibition will spirit you away to the magical world of Ghibli.

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Original Totoro plush toys from 80s and 90s re-issued for Studio Ghibli exhibition

These have to be the rarest, most exclusive items we’ve seen yet from the anime powerhouse.

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“Selfish” Studio Ghibli producer apologizes while announcing price reduction for art exhibit

Producer of Spirited Away and The Wind Rises wants to make exhibit as accessible as possible, offers partial rebates to advance ticket purchasers.

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Massive Ghibli Exhibition opening next in Tokyo with artwork spanning Nausicaa to The Red Turtle

The official Ghibli Museum is closed for now, but look forward to a double dose of animated fun in July!

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The Chibiusa Cafe, Tokyo’s newest Sailor Moon themed restaurant, reveals its awesome menu

Anime fans, don’t miss your chance to try the Tuxedo Mask Nihilistic Pasta.

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Limited edition Sailor Moon Exhibit tickets with bonus “Small Lady Set” now on sale!

Sailor Moon fans looking forward to the upcoming art exhibit at Roppongi Hills now have more to be excited about: limited edition tickets with extra goodies!

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Warning: our man P.K. Sanjun learning to strut his stuff may be a little NSFW… unless, that is, you work at a strip club.

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Roppongi Hills celebrates the return of artist Takashi Murakami with cute pop-up cafe

Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has returned to Japan with a long-awaited exhibition and Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills is celebrating with a cafe that offers up his art in edible form.

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Photos from the Roppongi Hills observation deck are so beautiful they look like CG art!

These photos of Tokyo are so beautiful it’s hard to believe they’re real!

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McDonald’s opens fancy pop-up restaurant in Tokyo for one night only

Around the world, fast food chain McDonald’s prides itself on its trademark menu, designed to feed the needs of busy customers on the go.

For one night only, though, the giant company will slow down the pace by taking a step into luxury dining, with a special multi-course meal that includes a platter of patties, a vichyssoise made from French fries and a gelée made with McDonald’s vegetables.

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Limited-time Pokémon shop and Pikachu Cafe to open in Roppongi Hills!

In celebration of the release of this year’s Pokémon movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction on Saturday, a special “Pokémon the Movie XY Shop” will be open in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills between July 19 and August 31. Pokémon fans will definitely want to stock up on the limited-edition goods being sold there, as well as sample the adorable Pikachu-themed food at the “Pikachu Cafe.” Plus, the shop will be located on the observation deck of one of Tokyo’s highest buildings, so you can fit in some essential sightseeing, too!

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How far across the Tokyo sky can a laser pointer shine?

Although RocketNews24 does not condone misusing laser pointers, we still think they can be pretty cool to play around with like seeing how far across the Tokyo area a laser pointer can be seen. Engineer and astronomy enthusiast Takayuki Ohira recently tried out this experiment on a clear night. How far across the megapolis do you think the beam could be seen? Click below to find out!

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Models, Music and Mindbending Colours Celebrate 10 Years of Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills

Opened almost two decades after it was originally imagined by real estate tycoon Minori Mori, Roppongi Hills — a self-contained mega-complex in the middle of Tokyo complete with office buildings, shopping malls, parks and trendy apartments — has become home to thousands of well-to-do businesspeople and Tokyoites, as well as a metropolitan mecca for those craving designer labels and fine dining.

In honour of Roppongi Hills’ 10-year anniversary, a number of celebrations are being held both online and off. The most creative and eye-catching by far, though, has to be the Tokyo City Symphony, an interactive online synthesizer produced as part of the Love Tokyo project. Combining music, 3-D projection mapping and a 1:1000 scale model of Tokyo with Roppongi Hills’ iconic 54-storey Mori Tower at its centre, visitors to the site are invited to project psychadelic patterns and colours onto the tiny, intricately-detailed model city in order to create original “symphony” music. The effect is nothing short of hypnotic. Read More

Experience 3D Space Travel in Tokyo at the Star Cruise Planetarium!


From November 23rd 2012 until February 11th 2013, you can experience interstellar travel right here in Tokyo!

With the opening of Star Cruise Planetarium in Roppongi Hills, you can travel to a station on Saturn and see the Earth 137 light years into the future thanks to a wide-screen 3D display and a moving model of the solar system.  It all happens at the Mori Arts Center Gallery, in the Mori Tower on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills. Read More