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Traffic accidents kill over 300,000 per year in SE Asia, Toyota calls in Taylor Swift to help

For many people around the world, it’s an automatic reaction to buckle up whenever you get into a vehicle. However there are still many countries where, despite having the laws in place, there isn’t much of an awareness of the tragic consequences failing to strap yourself in can have…that’s where Taylor Swift comes in.

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Buckle up, Japan! Survey shows only 68.2 percent of backseat passengers wear their seat belt

If you’ve ever lived in Japan, chances are you’ve seen a little three-year-old climbing around the inside of their parent’s car…while the vehicle was in motion. To those in other countries where seatbelt and child safety harness laws are strictly enforced, this might be shocking to hear, but this situation happens more often than you might think. In fact, Japan didn’t have a mandatory seat belt law for rear passengers until 2008.

But even an official law doesn’t seems to deter Japanese drivers from not buckling up when it comes to the backseat. That’s why the Japan Automotive Federation along with the National Police Agency published the results of a 2013 survey detailing exactly how many people use their car’s most important safety device.

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Seat Belt T-Shirt Pleases Lazy Chinese Drivers, Worries Police

Some people seem intent on not fastening their seat belt while driving. You would think significantly increased risk of injury and death would be enough to pursued people to buckle up, especially when doing so only takes a few seconds.

Yet this is apparently too much hassle for some people in China, where a T-shirt designed to make it look like the wearer is wearing a seat belt has been selling faster than a driver throw out the front window shield during a head-on collision.

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