In May 2011, Yokohama police arrested 37-year-old Takamitsu Tanno on charges of violating the Labor Standards Act, which stipulates that minors may not work in places that pose a hazard to their health or social welfare.

Mr. Tanno was the manager of a new kind of adult establishment called “high school girl viewing clubs”, where customers pay money to sit behind a one-way mirror and look into a room full of high school-aged girls.

Inside the room, the girls go about their business as if they were killing time at home. Some read manga, some play around on their cell phones, some chat with friends about where to go to eat after work. However, for an extra fee, customers can select a girl to sit directly in front of his booth with her legs spread open so as to reveal her underwear.

The number of clubs had been increasing rapidly in Kanagawa and Tokyo prefectures beginning in late 2010, but the industry was thought to have died down following Mr. Tanno’s arrest and a simultaneous raid by Tokyo police on four clubs this February.

However, according to an investigative reporter at Nikkan Spa!, not only are most of the original high school girl viewing clubs still in business, but new clubs have recently begun appearing around Tokyo.

***Warning: NSFW content below!***

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Orthopedic body pillows can be the key to a good night’s rest for those who find it difficult to maintain good posture while they sleep. They also provide physical comfort that can help ease the mind after a stressful day.

Some Japanese otaku, seeking a slightly different kind of comfort from their body pillows, stuff them in pillowcases covered in the image of popular anime or erotic video game characters. A number of them go so far as to “form relationships” with these body pillows, boldly claiming them as their girlfriends and romanticizing themselves as “2-D lovers”.

Yet one major drawback of these body pillow girlfriends (you know, aside the fact that they’re pillows) is that you can’t get to third base with them. Until now, that is: Pillow-lovers everywhere, rejoice! Japanese adult product maker G PROJECT has created a body pillow you can have sex with!

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Love hotels are  short-stay establishments operated for the purpose of allowing couples a little privacy to get it on and can be found almost anywhere in Japan.

Stereotypical love hotel customers are young couples still living at home or middle-aged businessmen who use them for illicit affairs. However, many love hotels have recently begun to see an increase in elderly customers, a trend which some in the industry consider a “gold mine.”

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A woman from the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina has sold her virginity online, with a Japanese national winning the auction.

The sale has caused outrage online, with many arguing that the the deal amounts to little more than prostitution, but the woman, who has grand plans for the money, thinks otherwise…

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Care for a spot of crumpet? A little bit of how’s-your-father? A spot of numpty?

When it comes to being coy about talking about sex (shhhhh), few countries have as great a reputation for using convoluted nonsensical phrases as Britain.

The truth, though, is that we’re not really a nation of prudes who sit around complaining about the weather and the price of milk, and, if anything, British TV today use the “s” word a little too liberally. Nevertheless, as is the case in every country, there are plenty of people in the UK who find it difficult to ask their partner for sex without turning into a stuttering mess like Hugh Grant in pretty much any role he’s ever played.

As we saw earlier this month here on RocketNews24, Japanese women too are often quick to argue that their men are lacking in romantic genes or that they don’t express themselves well, so it’s clear that there are plenty of couples out there who have trouble telling their other half that they’re in the mood to, you know, ride the train to Paddington Station…

Thankfully, a new service- designed specifically to help shy couples communicate their sexual desires- has been launched in Japan. And it’s already causing quite a stir online.

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Perhaps the reason that so much fuss is made over the Japanese sex industry is that, in almost every other aspect of its society and culture, Japan is considered to be such an immensely safe, polite and altogether nice place to be.

The country whose tourists are often reputed to be among the most polite and agreeable, and where your lost mobile phone or wallet usually finds its way back to you, Japan would not be anyone’s first guess when asked “Which country has a booming, recession-defying porn industry?”

Be that as it may, the Japanese AV (adult video) industry, whose revenue comprised more than 20% of worldwide sales according to a 2006 survey, continues to grow every year. And with that growth comes an increasing number of young women who aspire to work in the industry, as reported here on RocketNews24 just a couple of weeks ago.

But with so many girls taking a shot at being AV stars and entering into this seemingly glamorous but equally shady profession, how do they go about their daily lives unnoticed? And what becomes of AV stars who leave the industry?

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At last, technology has finally progressed enough to allow long distance sex to feel a little more like the real thing.

LovePalz, a pair of interactive sex toys that wirelessly connect via bluetooth, has revolutionized the way long distance couples interact by allowing them to digitally connect their…private parts.

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Maria Ozawa is one of the most popular Japanese Adult Video (AV) actresses in the world. While she may not have half of China following her on Twitter like Sora Aoi, she does command a huge following in many countries across Asia, especially Southeast Aisa.

Indonesia, in particular, is crazy about the half French-Canadian half Japanese porn star. Known as “Miyabi” by local fans, Ozawa is so popular in the country that she has even appeared in two non-pornographic Indonesian films, one of which, titled Menculik Miyabi (“Kidnapping Miyabi”), is a comedy about two teenage Indonesia fans who kidnap Maria Ozawa while she’s vacationing in Indonesia only to end up learning valuable lessons about life, love and, most importantly, friendship.

However, Ozawa’s popularity among Indonesians has also become a point of controversy among right-wing Islamic groups (Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia and Muslims makes up over 80% of the population) and her appearance in Indonesian films have sparked heated protests from conservative groups, who denounced filmmakers for casting a foreign porn actress instead of a local actress.

Imagine their reaction, then, when it was discovered that a photo of Maria Ozawa was published in a middle school workbook earlier this month.

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Alright guys, brace yourselves because I’m going to lay a big one on you: women masturbate (rumor has it they burp and pass gas too, but researchers still lack conclusive evidence).

While masturbation is nothing to be ashamed about, it can still be a touchy subject for many women. However, in Japan, perceptions toward female masturbation have changed greatly over the past 5-10 years as an increasing number of women are beginning to feel comfortable talking about the subject openly.

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The Japanese sex film, or adult video (AV), industry is big business. It’s said that around 20,000 videos are released annually and some Japanese AV actresses have achieved celebrity status even outside of Japan.

And it’s not just demand for Japanese skin flicks that’s thriving.

According to nonfiction writer Atsuhiko Nakamura, who has published several books based on interviews with AV actresses, the number of Japanese women seeking work in the adult video industry has increased dramatically over the past decade, with some 6000 girls making their debut every year.

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The second installation of 3DS ninja breast physics simulator Senran Kagura, Senran Kagura: Burst hit stores in Japan on August 30.

The game features even more of that fast-paced, sexually-charged ninja action that fans praised in the first title, which means many Japanese gamers have had their hands full these past few days, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, publisher MarvelousAQL has teamed up with sexual health product manufacturer Akahige Yakkyoku to boost player’s mojo with their new Senran Kagura “Round Two” sexual stimulant energy drink.

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When you live in a country with long, cold winters and short summers, you do what you can do make the most out of the warm weather. In Russia, they hold a racing event every August called the Bubble Baba Challenge, where hundreds of contestants ride inflatable sex dolls down the Vuoska river rapids.

At least, they did: the event, which was supposed to celebrate its tenth anniversary this year, was shut down by authorities just days before.

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Are you a virgin? Have you never been touched by a woman? Do you think you would not be able to “hold out” if a lady touched you?

Then you are exactly who this Japanese adult site is looking for this summer!

Japanese Adult Video maker Soft on Demand Create (‘SODC’) have been searching for lonely virgin men (called dotei in Japanese) with lots of time on their hands (and something else on their hands?) to appear in an adult video with an unannounced Japanese porn star (most probably female).
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Yesterday we shared the story of a Japanese mother who begged Comic Market (“Comiket”) attendees through Twitter to exercise a little more responsibility when hauling erotically-designed bags through the crowded Tokyo stations on the way home.

Word of the troubled mother’s plea quickly spread across the net and many people responded by saying they will make sure to transfer their goods into less conspicuous bags before leaving to convention.

On the other hand, one Comiket vendor seems to have found a workaround to the problem by making a bag that looks normal on the outside, but graphically sexual on the inside.

Photos of the bag can be found below, but they are NSFW and may be disturbing to those who are uncomfortable with (spoiler alert!) enlarged images of female genitalia.

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Comic Market, often abbreviated “Comiket“, is often described as “the world’s largest self-published comic book fair.”

However, anyone familiar with Japanese self-published comics, or doujinshi, knows much of the material these indie groups put out are usually not very wholesome in nature. In fact, a good number of the books sold at Comiket are hardcore pornographic comics featuring popular video game and anime characters. What’s more, many of the groups selling pornographic material hand customers their merchandise in custom-designed bags that usually feature pornographic imagery as well.

So imagine you’re a mother waiting at the train station with your 5-year-old child on evening in early August. The train pulls into the platform and you line up to board, but when the doors open you can only stand there in shock as a crowd of people leisurely walk out holding giant bags covered in pictures of naked anime girls in lewd positions.

Because this is, apparently, what actually has been happening at Comiket, according to a series of tweets by a Japanese mother begging participants to exercise a little more discretion.

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The evening of July 7 was like that of any other Saturday evening for most families in Chongking, a major city in Southwest China. That is, until a uncensored pornographic video clip suddenly appeared on TV screens in homes throughout the city.

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When Shandong police received a call reporting a body floating in one of the province’s rivers on July 11, they wasted no time dispatching 18 of their finest officers to recover it.

As the police struggled to bring the corpse to the shore, rumor of the incident spread and a crowd of over 1000 spectators gathered, blocking traffic and preventing firefighters from reaching the scene.

Finally, 40 minutes later, Chinese police succeeded in recovering the body. Only, it wasn’t a body, but an inflatable sex doll.

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When residents of a small village near the Shaanxi provincial capital of Xi’an unearthed a strange fungus-like object while drilling an oil well last week, they decided to ask for the help of their local TV station to identify it.

Arriving on the scene is charming young female reporter Ye Yunfengu who, after speaking with the villagers and examining the long, meaty object, explains that online sources suggest it may actually be “meat lingzhi”, the legendary mushroom sought out by Emperor Qingshi as an essential ingredient in his quest to create an elixir of immortality.

But when the report aired the following Sunday, many viewers instantly realized that you don’t need a degree in mycology to put a name to this specimen and that this “mystery mushroom” is actually a discarded masturbation toy.

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Until recently, Japanese internet user Kamutaro spent every waking moment tormented by a simple, yet overwhelming desire:

“I want to squeeze out breast milk.”

It seems that whenever he saw two objects that resembled breasts in the slightest, he would inadvertently begin to fondle and pinch them in hopes of being treated to a drop of mother’s best.

Nearly driven to madness by this strange oedipean urge, Kamutaro did what any sensible young Japanese male would do to relieve his strange, sexual fantasy: he built a computer program that lets you squeeze a never-ending fountain of breast milk from digital images.

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Gundam fans: have you ever dreamed of stepping into a mobile suit and fighting for Earth yourself? It may be a long time before that dream can be realized. However, by slipping on a Gundam condom, you can come one step closer…with your penis! Read More

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