Japanese blood donation mascot loses her head at the ski ramp 【Video】

The snowboarding mascot had everyone in stitches after this tumble on the weekend.

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More snowboarding Gundam Mobile Suits spotted in Japan!

When you’re heavily-armed and armoured, there’s no need to fear heights, falls or even cardboard bears!

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Snowboarding anime fans hit the slopes while cosplaying as Gundam mecha【Video】

They’re called “mobile suits,” and snowboarding is a form of mobility, after all.

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Snowboard and ski in Japan for FREE with new offer exclusively for foreign tourists

This incredible promotion lets you ski all day for free, in a powder snow paradise just a few hours away from Tokyo Station.

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Bikini-clad Sailor Moon cosplayer hits the slopes for sexy snowboarding fun times【Video】

Because what else would you do in a Sailor Moon bikini?

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Tough lesson learned: Snowboarders safely rescued after getting lost on mountain for two days

Japan takes a lot of pride in its four distinct seasons, and everyone seems to enjoy all the changes that each new time of year brings. With winter, you’ll see people setting up their kotatsu tables at home to keep warm, convenience stores starting to sell delicious hot bowls of oden, and what seems to be just about everyone in the country gearing up to hit the slopes. With mountainous regions throughout Japan, and travel companies offering super cheap ski-tour packages, it’s hard to ignore the call to pack up your board or skis and head for the powdery slopes.

A fun weekend at the Kagura Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture is probably what 45-year-old Koju Neriko, his wife, and their friend had in mind when they set out with their snowboards last Friday, only to become terribly lost on the blustering mountain for two days.

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We wish all Gundams were snowboarding Gundams

The RX-78-2 Gundam is cool on its own. No question about that. But we think we would just die of coolness overload if we saw that familiar red, white, and blue mobile suit gliding down the slopes on a snowboard. A few lucky boarders at an undisclosed location were treated to just that, as this photo proves. Snowboarding Gundams do exist!

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Five of Japan’s best locations to ski and snowboard

For those of us up in the northern hemisphere, winter is already in full swing. And for skiers and snowboarders, that can mean only one thing: the snow-covered mountains are calling and it’s a race against the clock to get the most out of them.

Treated to generous snow dumps each winter and coupled with the fact that so much of the country is mountainous, Japan is one of the best locations in the world for ski and snowboarding fun, not to mention some of the best powder snow in the world. But which resorts should you be sure to visit before the powder turns to slush? Check out this list of five of Japan’s greatest, and our favourite, places to ski and snowboard!

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Meet the Great White Hope of Japanese Snowboarding: 14 Year-Old Miyabi Onizuka

Snowboarding is still a young event in the Olympics, yet Japan hasn’t been able to score a medal.  This has been frustrating for the country that hosted the first snowboarding event in ’98 and as whole has widely embraced the sport on a recreational level.

Well, here comes a new challenger! Out of Kumamoto Prefecture, 14 year-old prodigy Miyabi Onizuka is tapped to be the next big thing in Japanese snowboarding.

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