Osaka city worker busted for playing obscene amounts of solitaire on the clock

The Secretary General of the Osaka Board of Elections saw his annual pay docked two full months after it was discovered he’d spent 281 hours playing solitaire on the clock over a yearlong period ending in July.

What’s most amazing is that he got away with it all year until – and this is not a joke – a whistleblower finally had to come forward and turn the guy in. That kind of information leak certainly isn’t on the same level as the Bradley Mannings of the world, but it must have taken some guts for the guy to speak out about his boss’s solitaire addiction.

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Start→Accessories→Games→Solitaire: Limited Edition Playing Cards Inspired by Solitaire.exe

Even more popular than Minesweeper, Solitaire was a favorite of office workers everywhere.  A free game that came bundled in old Microsoft computers, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never played Solitaire.exe.

Now you don’t even have to have a clunky old computer to play pixelated palm tree and sandy beach motif solitaire, you just have to pick up a deck of these cards.

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