Shinkansen travel tip: A clever way to keep your suitcase from rolling around on the bullet train

Quick and clever maneuver eliminates one of the few hassles about high-speed rail travel in Japan.

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Luggage service lets travelers drop bags at cafes and shops in Japan via English-language website

Boasts a number of advantages over taking your chances with coin lockers at the train station.

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Take a trip in the name of the moon with Sailor Moon travel cases, bags and passport wallets

Now you can enjoy a vacation in cool anime style with Sailor Moon travel accessories in six character designs.

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Rolling suitcase with built-in desk is perfect for mobile businesspeople and cosplayers alike

Modern technology makes it easier than ever for people to work anywhere, not just in a traditional office setting. But every telecommuter or creative type knows the frustration of grabbing your laptop and any other necessary items, then carrying them to your local cafe, anxious to punch in and get some projects done, only to discover there’re no available seats.

Sure you might not need a whole office, but not even having a small desk to work on can really hurt your productivity. Here with a solution is ambitious and creative design house Bibi Lab, which is now selling a wheeled suitcase with an attached desk and chair that’s not only great for mobile professionals, but for artists, cosplayers, and all sorts of other people on the go.

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