Japan’s top 10 dog names for 2017

Looking for a name for your pooch? Take some inspiration from these adorable Japanese pet monikers.

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Japanese women rank the otaku obsessions they can most forgive in a partner

From manga to figurines, this list shows how 14 otaku hobbies fare in the romantic world.

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Japanese men reveal the Halloween costumes they most want to see on women【Survey】

Responses indicate that what men want and what women actually wear are not always the same thing.

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Japanese men reveal the things they notice when they see a woman without makeup

Almost half of the respondents said they experienced a sense of disappointment when they saw a woman’s unmade face.

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Japanese women reveal the worst ways they’ve been dumped by their partners

Surprisingly, discovering their partner in the arms of another lover is not at the number-one spot on this list.

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Top 5 Studio Ghibli films Japanese viewers are tired of watching

These responses prove that when you’re spoiled with the best anime in the world, you really can have too much of a good thing.

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Japanese women reveal their ideal kiss scenarios【Survey】

According to the questionnaire, men and women have differing opinions about the ideal kiss.

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Japanese university students reveal the part-time jobs they’d most like to have

The top ten results show which companies appeal most to young students.

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Female anime fans reveal the Studio Ghibli character they most want to date in real life

Surprisingly, the male stars of Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away don’t top the list, according to this survey.

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It’s not just people in Japan that are getting old, pets are living longer as well!

Pretty soon we are going to see cats and dogs with walking canes.
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Survey reveals why Japanese players quit Pokémon GO, and it’s likely not for the reason you think

Bored of the game? Finding nothing but Pidgeys and Rattata? These make the list, but can you guess the number one reason?

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Japanese men reveal their least favourite cosplay styles on women

According to this survey, tracksuit gym uniforms aren’t as bad as some more popular cosplay choices.

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Survey asks Japanese women if they’d rather date a guy who’s experienced with women or not

Is there really no substitute for experience?

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Want to help save the anime world’s favorite colored pencils? Then take this survey

Hand-drawn art may be on the ropes, but it’s not quite dead yet.

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Life imitating anime: Japanese people tell us about their most “anime” moments

14 Japanese volunteers tell us about moments in their lives that seemed to come straight out of an anime.

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Survey shows most Japanese employees don’t like Western-style work socials

With December less than two weeks away, Japanese companies are beginning to make preparations for their annual bounenkai (end-of-year) and shinnenkai (New Year) parties. Even if they’re the kind of people who sometimes duck out on after-work drinks with the boss, most Japanese employees are painfully aware that skipping the biggest corporate celebrations of the year is tantamount to career suicide.

Because large-scale events usually require more space than your average drinking party, many Japanese companies have recently been moving away from typical sit-down enkai banquets and are holding more Western-style events where staff are encouraged to move around freely and interact over a few drinks.

But according to a recent survey, these Western-style work socials are overwhelmingly unpopular in Japan. Here are the top seven reasons why.

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Four moments when Japan’s single men are glad they’re not married

We all know marriage and live-in-partnerships have a lot going for them. From constant companionship to support when you’re stressed with work or family problems, the idea of cohabiting with that special someone is powerful enough to sweep even the most jaded singleton off their feet.

In Japan, where pre-marriage cohabitation is still considered somewhat taboo, married life is a serious commitment with traditional roles that involve self-sacrifice and obligation, not only to one’s partner but to their extended family. So what do the single men of Japan think about marriage versus the bachelor life? A recent survey reveals the moments men are glad they’ve never put a ring on it and the interesting reasons why.

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Survey finds about 14% of Japanese girls “intend to” get intimate on the first date

Everyone has different expectations when they go out on a first date with someone. Maybe you expect to eat some great food and engage in some wonderfully pleasant but generally stilted first date conversation. Maybe you expect nothing more than a quick cup of coffee so you and your date can get to know each other without feeling locked into an hours-long affair in case your date reveals themselves to be, like, a serial killer or something.

Or, like 14.3% of Japanese women, maybe you expect the first date to end with not just a goodnight kiss, but also mind-blowing coitus.

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Can you guess the most-consumed vegetable in Japan? This survey reveals the results

Japanese cuisine has a reputation for being super healthy, with its incorporation of nutrition-packed fish and seasonal vegetables. True, the diet of many Japanese today is not at all ideal, but your more traditional Japanese meal still has bragging rights for its healthfulness, and vegetables are still eaten in abundance.

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare recently released the results of a survey revealing a ranking of the most eaten vegetables in Japan, but what claimed the number one spot? A vegetable you might not even be able to find in your own country!

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Feeling the generational gap recently? The top 20 things that Japanese youth are distanced from

Have you ever felt worlds apart from the generations above you? 

The topic of Japanese youth distancing themselves (purposely or not) from “things of the past” is something that pops up every now and again on Japanese variety shows. Most recently, an online research group also decided to tackle the topic, asking 500 people what they felt like young people are becoming more and more separated from in today’s world.

Today, we present the top 20 replies for “Things that Japanese youth are distanced from.”

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