Nailed it: Thai man’s low budget cosplay is a gift to the Internet【Photos】

Taking up cosplay as a hobby takes a pretty significant time commitment to put together that perfect costume to dress up as your favorite video game, comic book or movie character. And for those of us without the, ahem, natural assets to boost our cosplay game, buying all those wigs, fashion accessories and snowman apparel can make the hobby an extremely expensive way to spend your free time.

However, this innovative cosplay enthusiast from Thailand doesn’t let his limited budget get in the way of making some creative, and frankly, kind of creepy costumes. We’ve spotted him before, but click below to see his latest creative, if not incredibly cheap, take on Dragonball Z, the Teletubbies, Taylor Swift and much more.

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If you thought the Teletubbies were creepy before…

Something always trouble me about Teletubbies with their missing eyebrows, that laughing baby sun, and always insisting on watching videos twice in quick succession (seriously, where were they the first annoying time?).

If you’re among the few who still find these kids’ TV characters adorable, then this photo from China titled “Teletubbies decorating car window with mold growing” should bring you quickly over to the dark side. But beyond the initial shock of seeing these beloved infant heroes in such a state, there seems to be something more going on in this photo.

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