New Suntory Japanese beer tells you what time to drink it

According to Suntory Japan, different times of the day call for different types of beer.

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In Japan and the rest of the world, 2017 comes with a bit of extra time thanks to the leap second

Have you ever wished you had just a little more time? Well, you should have been more specific!

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Watch time go by with 70,000 beautiful Japanese women, that’s 48 girls a minute every day!

Whether you are sitting in class or at work, watching as the time ticks by until the end of the day, or you are waiting for the three minutes to be up on your cup noodle, we are always looking at the clock. Time is money! Normally, it’s just a set of numbers that conveys information to us, but a clever company has turned checking the time into an ingenious marketing strategy. What are they selling? Beautiful women, of course!

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