Tokyo Game Show

Indie games’ Japanese-language releases overshadowed by developers’ sexy art request

Do you want money? Fame? For these developers, it’s all about the erotic fan art (although fame and money probably wouldn’t hurt).

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The lovely booth ladies of Tokyo Game Show 2017

Dozens of beautiful women give Mr. Sato an unforgettable day in the real world.

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Tired of booth babes, developer says the Tokyo Game Show has become the Hostess Club Game Show

Have organizers crossed the line where they expect more people will buy tickets to look at beautiful women than try cool games?

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The handsome booth samurai of Tokyo Game Show 2016【Photos】

We get romanced by a team of smooth-skinned samurai at Tokyo Game Show, and also an insane stalker.

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Something for the ladies: at Tokyo Game Show 2016, it was all about the “Otome Apps”

Want a boyfriend who’ll never lie, cheat, or ghost on you? Japan’s got you covered with its hottest new video game genre: mobile romance/virtual dating games for the ladies!

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Take a look at Tokyo Game Show 2016’s coolest merchandise!【Photos】

Here’s all the super-cool merch you can buy at Tokyo Game Show this weekend!

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Take a look around Tokyo Game Show 2016 with us!【Photos】

Tokyo Game Show 2016’s two business days are over, and this Saturday the venue opens its doors to the general public! Here’s a teaser of what’s on show!

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Final Fantasy masks turn the Tokyo Game Show floor into a creepily handsome place to be 【Photos】

Final Fantasy XV still hasn’t been released, but its heroes were out and about all over the Tokyo Game Show.

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All the beautiful booth ladies of Tokyo Game Show 2016【Photos】

Tokyo Game Show is always well-staffed with booth attendants, and not all of them wear T-shirts! Check out this gallery of exquisite cosplay from the show floor!

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Sure, you could do this without wearing a virtual reality headset, but would you want to?

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We played RESIDENT EVII, aka Bioha7ard, aka Resident Evil 7, at Tokyo Game Show

We dined with the disgusting Baker Family at Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 booth at Tokyo Game Show today, and here’s our first-hand account!

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RocketNews24 goes to Tokyo Game Show 2016!

Tokyo Game Show 2016 got under way today with the first of two press-only days (the public event will be held over the weekend!), and RocketNews24 was on the scene!

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New Japanese VR dating simulator reads your brainwaves and chooses the ideal girlfriend for you

No need to choose who’s the best girl when you can let brain activity sensors make the selection for you.

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Japanese fan seemingly upset at Brazil soccer win trolls Tokyo Game Show toilet

Considering soccer is one sport Japanese athletes both male and female excel at compared to others, it’s easy to see why there’s so many fans of the Japan National and Women’s National Football Teams.

That’s why it may not be so surprising that after the men’s soccer team’s humiliating 0-4 defeat against Brazil last year, fans were feeling a little sour. But just how long do sports grudges last? Apparently quite awhile if you go by this picture of a certain popular Brazilian player that someone stuck in one of the urinals at the most-recent Tokyo Game Show.

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Play with fluffy alpaca mascot Fuwapaca in two free mobile games【TGS 2015】

It wasn’t just gross and scary games on show at Tokyo Game Show this year; there were also some really adorable games to try out, too. When we saw this booth with its sweet, fluffy alpacas we made a beeline for the cuteness. We got to chat with the dev and try out their two alpaca-themed mobile games, taking some snaps of the alpaca-ified booth and merch as we did for you at home.

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Tokyo Game Show 2015 cosplay photo roundup

After enjoying the relatively slow pace of Tokyo Game Show 2015 on the press days, we headed back at the weekend for the madness that is the public days. We had to fight our way through the crowds before we finally reached the outdoor cosplay area, where the weather was perfect for getting some great shots of the amazing outfits on show. While there were plenty of video game characters striking their poses, there were also familiar faces from anime and movies, so even if you’re not into gaming you might recognize some of them.

The level of detail in some of these home-made costumes is astounding, and there was a great mix of the sexy and the totally kick-ass. Join us after the jump for a selection of pics and video of our favourites.

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We’re pretty sure this woman won Tokyo Game Show cosplay with amazing Raiden headgear

Sadly, Tokyo Game Show 2015 is now over, but the buzz created by the event is still tingling in our bellies and in our hearts! Kind of like indigestion, but awesome. We saw and tried a lot of cool stuff, but we couldn’t catch it all, unfortunately. Thankfully, the Internet somehow managed to do just that, including one of the most amazing cosplays we’ve ever seen, hands down.

We’re not sure if anyone can really “win” cosplaying, since everyone wins when you’re having fun, but if there is a champion among all of TGS 2015’s cosplayers, we think it might be this woman’s take on Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden.

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Kankolle booth displays moe battleship girls at TGS 2015【Photos】

We’ve written many times before about the phenomenon that is Kantai Collection, or Kancolle. The free-to-play online game featuring battleships anthropomorphized as cute girls has spawned an anime, mountains of merchandise, and limitless sexy fanart, cosplay, and doujinshi.

Since Kancolle is still most famous as a game, with over 3 million registered players, it had a strong presence at this year’s Tokyo Game Show at the booth. They had an impressive display of detailed figures available, faithfully recreating the 2D moe battleship girls in glorious 3D. And we got photos of some of the best!

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Booth babes of all flavours at Tokyo Game Show 2015 【Photos】

Tokyo Game Show 2015 opened to the press today, and we were on hand to get a look at all the most unusual games and gadgets that we know our readers are dying to see. But in addition to all that, what visit to the Tokyo Game Show would be complete without a ton of booth babe pics?!

TGS didn’t disappoint this year, with plenty of girls (and guys!) around to hand out free goodies and pose for pictures. Join us after the jump for all of the tenuously gaming-related eye candy.

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RocketNews24 is going to Tokyo Game Show 2015!

Despite Japan being the birthplace of some of the world’s best-known and loved video games, most of the big gaming conventions and trade shows, such as E3 and PAX, take place in the US. But this weekend it’s all about Tokyo, baby. RocketNews24 will, as ever, be swinging by Tokyo Game Show 2015 to bring you all the strangest and sexiest gaming news.

But what kind of things can you expect to see? Well, here’s just a quick sample of our coverage from previous years’ events to whet your appetite!

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