Your Name Tokyo cafe bus tour lets you experience the sights and flavors of the anime

Tokyo tour visits locations from Makoto Shinkai’s hit, recreates the food the characters eat, and takes reservations in English.

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New restaurant sightseeing bus offers gourmet meals on wheels

The party bus gets a little more grown up.

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Want to see the real-world Tokyo locations from anime Your Name? Walking tour will take you there

The hit film is full of fantasy elements, but some of its most important locations exist in reality.

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Now bullet train geeks can ride the rare, top-secret “Doctor Yellow” train

It’s apparently a pretty rare sight, not unlike the majestic (read: ugly as sin) Northern Bald Ibis, the probably made-up Sasquatch, or the sober RocketNews24 writer, but on certain lengths of Shinkansen bullet train track, one can occasionally catch brief glimpses of a completely yellow bullet train as it whizzes past. Japan Rail (JR) doesn’t make the train’s schedule public, it doesn’t stop at stations, and it only runs a few times a month.

And, until a little later this year, no member of the public was ever allowed to ride. Learn how you can ride the special “Doctor Yellow” bullet train after the jump.

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