10 times Japanese train passengers aren’t so polite【Survey】

Even in famously polite Japan, sometimes guys forget their manners.

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Kyoto taxi operator starts “Silence Taxi” service, prohibits drivers from instigating small talk

Taxis in Japan’s most refined city seek to minimize unpleasant, awkward conversations.

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Traveling in Tokyo? You can start enjoying cheaper taxi rides as of today!

New pricing system makes some taxi rides over 40 percent less expensive than they used to be.

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Tokyo bus operator adds free-to-use USB chargers for tech-loving passengers

While you’re progressing towards your destination, your smartphone could be progressing towards a full charge.

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November snow falls in Tokyo for first time in 54 years, causes chaos for peak hour commuters

Peak-hour delays caused such overcrowding that some commuters were unable to enter stations in the nation’s capital.

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Kyoto’s subway system is now endorsed by handsome anime men

New male characters join preexisting team of female 2-D spokesmodels.

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Why does it take so long for Japanese trains to start running again after an accident?

It turns out a lot of different people are involved in the response team when a train hits a person in Japan.

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Crazy comparison shows why Tokyo’s massive train network even freaks out some Japanese people

The capital’s gigantic public transportation system can be a shock to the system for new arrivals.

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Long train is looooooooooong: US military freight train is wowing Japanese commenters 【Video】

♪This is the train that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on and on and on…

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Tokyo may soon require bicyclists to strap on a helmet before getting on the road

After 11,000 bike accidents last year, the Tokyo metropolitan government is considering new safety regulations.

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China’s new bus design looks like a car-eating monster 【Video】

“Om nom nom! Delicious little drivers!”

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Crazy rains in China flood public bus interior, but passengers hardly seem to mind 【Video & pics】

Eh, beats walking/swimming, right?

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Napping taxi drivers in Tokyo become the subject of UK photographer’s work【Photos】

Check out these drowsy drivers catching 40 winks during a typical day in Japan’s busiest city.

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Japanese conductor gives heartwarming message on train’s final run before it’s shipped overseas

A Japanese train conductor’s final announcement aboard a train about to be transferred to Jakarta, Indonesia hit some passengers right in the feels.

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Tokyu Bus alight button is yours to own, pushing all the right buttons

Japanese people take their public transportation very seriously. Millions commute to work either by train, subway or bus on a daily basis. When spending so much time on buses and trains, one tries to find joy in the small things in life, like the sound and satisfaction from pressing the alight button on a bus to indicate you want to get off at the next bus stop.

That thrill can soon be yours to hold and enjoy to your heart’s content. Tokyu Bus Corporation, which operates multiple lines in and around Tokyo, will be releasing a Tokyu Bus alight button kit, which allows transportation nerds to press away all day long.

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The surprisingly soothing tranquility of Japanese taxi drivers waiting for passengers 【Video】

If you’ve ever toured a factory or seen a video of one operating, you know there’s something entrancingly soothing about seeing sophisticated machinery in action. Taking a human-designed process and repeating it with such unswerving coordination can make it feel as natural and calming as sitting beside a lake while watching the waves lap the same spot on the shore over and over.

But it’s not just machines that can perform a routine with such precision as to impart a sense of reassuring inevitability, as shown by this video of taxi cab line protocol in Japan.

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Shin-Koiwa Station is going all out to prevent human injury and death

Delays on a train are annoying but inevitable, since with such a massive transit system in Japan, not everything is going to work 100 percent of the time. No one wants to see the words “train delay” on the information screen at the station, but even more so, no one wants to see the reason for the delays attributed to “human accidents,” the catch-all term Japan uses when people are found on the tracks while the trains are running.

An unfortunately common station for such accidents is implementing a number of changes in order to curb the rise of these incidents. It’s not just barriers and fences, prevention can start with you! So join us after the jump to see what sort of changes are being made to Shin-Koiwa Station.

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Six-passenger van stopped by Chinese traffic officials… for carrying 51 passengers

As much as we try not to generalize or stereotype specific countries and regions here at RocketNews24, the glut of bizarre news stories coming out of China these days makes us feel pretty justified in our feelings that living there must be just a non-stop parade of crazy events.

And here we go again with another Chinese news story that literally sounds like an surreal circus clown act. Just wait until you see this video.

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It’s difficult to say if this Japanese power unicycle is cool or not

Starting this summer, Japanese company Onewheel will offer a limited number of these Onewheel i-1 motorized unicycles. Their revolutionary design and features are sure to make prospective buyers think long and hard about whether they’re actually really cool or incredibly lame. Even their catchphrase “What is this?” feeds the ambiguity.

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“We Finns just like it simple”: Net users can’t get enough of Helsinki Metro map

Finland: land of the Moomins, Santa Claus Village, and exceedingly simple metro lines.  

A series of maps comparing the municipal subway layouts in major cities around the world has been tickling some net users who just can’t get enough of Helsinki’s metro design. Some are calling it proof that Finns like to keep things simple–and you’ve got to admit, when you see the image stacked up next to a map of Tokyo’s metro system, they may have a point!

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