Legendary crescent moon katana, one of Japan’s Five Swords Under Heaven, now on display in Tokyo

One of Japan’s most beautiful and important katana is proving popular with history buffs and young ladies alike.

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Bear ramen appears in Tokyo, causes almost as much shock as bears walking around the city would

Uses bear meat sourced from Kyoto and Aomori, said to have more refined taste than foreign varieties.

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Platform 13½ set to open at Ueno Station in Tokyo

Like Hogwart’s Express, a new Japanese train is now getting its very own mysterious in-between platform.

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Ueno Park’s panda bread is just as warm, fluffy and cute as the pandas themselves 【Photos】

If you’ve ever wanted to gobble up an adorable panda, now’s your chance!

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Tokyo’s most popular park partially bans Pokémon GO in response to inconsiderate gamers

Move comes after discovery of rare Pokémon near temple grounds.

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Mini stampedes in Tokyo’s Ueno Park as it becomes a nest for rare Pokémon GO character【Video】

Fans find it hard to control their excitement when the dragon-type Pokémon pops up.

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Bears over flowers: The RocketNews24 giant bear takes an Ueno Park swan boat for a spin

“I’m the king of the world, on a boat like Leo/If you’re on the shore, then you’re sho’ not me-oh.” – Sangelica

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Brighten your day at the Magical Art Museum in Ueno 【Photos】

From now until October 6 at the Ueno Royal Museum, a very special art exhibit is on display called Trick of the Light『Magical Art Museum』~Art in Wonderland. This unique collection of modern art encourages participation from visitors, rather than mere observation, creating an individualized artistic experience for every person taking part.

The magical exhibit houses 19 installation art pieces put together by 11 very talented artists. Felix Sayaka, talented reporter for our Japanese sister site, Pouch, visited the museum to give us all an illuminated introduction to four of the exhibition’s stellar works.

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Panda Love: Ueno Zoo Invites Animal Lovers to Watch Its Rare Bears Get It On

In a somewhat unusual move yesterday, Japan’s Ueno Zoo released a video on its official website of its two pandas, Shin Shin and Ri Ri, copulating in their enclosure.

Rest assured that neither smooth jazz nor scented candles were involved in the incident and that this article is perfectly safe to be read at work.

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