Gift giving fails: Japanese girls tell you what NOT to buy

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be very difficult. Usually, if you spend enough time with someone and really listen to the things that they say, it should be easy enough to find a gift that they will appreciate, but maybe your special someone goes out and buys everything for herself, or you aren’t too sure about what she’s into lately.

So if you are having problems, we’ve got a handy DO NOT BUY guide for you. These are the gifts that women in Japan have received that didn’t make them happy at all, so avoiding anything on this list will certainly give you a good place to (not) start your shopping from.

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Indonesian police proclaim pandaporn PJs prohibited

On 18 February the Indonesian National Police issued a warning to citizens about some harmful matter which may be circulating amongst the public. The article in question is a child-sized cotton top which features images of two cartoon pandas engaging in numerous positions of sexual intercourse.

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China issues public service announcement over “somersault kiss” trend【Video】

Videos of people attempting an acrobatic move that starts in a somersault and ends in a kiss have been sweeping across Chinese microblogging site Weibo this week, prompting an official warning from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

The so-called “somersault kiss” has spawned compilation videos of couples putting a bit of acrobatic excitement into their relationship by trying out the move in bedrooms, dormitories, and car parks – resulting in plenty of falling over, inadvertent head-butting, and other amusing results. The Ministry of Public Security went so far as to post a warning message on one of its official Weibo sites, telling people not to imitate the risky move.

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Series of YouTube videos threaten attacks on commuters at Hakata Station on June 14

Bulletin boards in Japan are hot with rumour and speculation today after videos recorded by an as yet unidentified Japanese male threaten random knife attacks on members of the public at stations in Japan, with Fukuoka’s Hakata Station ultimately named as the spot where the attack will take place.

Although neither the following article nor the videos within it contain any graphic imagery, some readers may nevertheless find their content disturbing.

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