Japanese netizens are ready to visit a Final Fantasy world, and you can go too!

RPGs like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy take us to faraway worlds with extraordinarily picturesque locations; places that couldn’t possibly exist on this planet. Mother Earth would have to be a scenery designer to create locales as visually stunning as RPGs do.

But Earth is a much stranger place than we can imagine, and some of the craziest “must be photoshopped” places turn out to be just the simple strangeness of our planet. Luckily for us, if you ever wanted to visit a place that would fit perfectly into a Final Fantasy world, Earth has you covered. Watch yourself when you stand up, because your jaws are about to be all over the floor.

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Step into the world of Final Fantasy in real life Lebanon

A waterfall dramatically plunging from the wide chasm in the Jurassic limestone cavern roof, down to the moss green rocks and valley below: a scene so breathtakingly fantastic and beautiful you’d expect to ride a Chocobo there. A garden fountain, a well of living water, and flowing streams from Lebanon.

But this is not CG or a fantasy, this is a real place. This is the Baatara gorge waterfall in the Tannourine, Lebanon. Dropping 255 metres into the Baatara pothole or “Cave of the Three Bridges”, this seasonal waterfall is famed as one of the most beautiful in the world. Recently this natural wonder sparked interest in Japan as a waterfall “from the world of Final Fantasy”, the wildly popular video game franchise.

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Paradise is Lunch at the Foot of a Beautiful Waterfall in a Coconut Plantation in the Philippines

Villa Escudero is a beautiful hacienda-style resort built inside a working coconut plantation located in the Quezon province of the Phillipines. The resort has become a prime tourist destination for both locals and overseas visitors, who are drawn by the cozy rooms, natural beauty, and unique cultural activities such as bamboo rafting and rural village tours.

Perhaps most unique of all is the Waterfalls Restaurant, where guests can enjoy a meal on bamboo dining tables set at the foot of a small waterfall.

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