Weekly Shonen Jump

It’s not over yet for 40-year manga Kochikame as series returns one year after officially ending

The creator of one of Japan’s most popular manga/anime franchises of all time still has a story to tell with new chapter.

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Honda Fit and Weekly Shonen Jump magazine create stunning Japanese itasha manga car【Pics】

“Itasha” (literally, “painful cars”) don’t have to look painful at all when done by the right pros!

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One Piece team shows us how a Weekly Shonen Jump cover is crafted【Video】

Possibly the first-ever look at how one of the most crowded magazine covers is designed.

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This is how Japan bids farewell to a beloved 40-year-old manga series

From stairs to walkways and even escalator handrails, this Tokyo neighbourhood has created a beautiful send-off for the Guinness World Record-holding manga that made it famous.

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Bleach Manga to End on August 22 With ‘Important Announcement’

Manga launched in 2001, inspired TV anime, films, video games, rock musicals

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Hunter x Hunter manga serial on indefinite hiatus again, we ask publisher for details

We can almost hear the collective screams of fans, “No, not again!

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It’s official! Hunter x Hunter to resume serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump next month

Yes, Togashi-sensei is finally getting back to work, with the hit manga Hunter x Hunter returning to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in April!

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It’s official: No new Hunter x Hunter episodes in 2015 ends writer’s 25-year-long record

2015’s final issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine included no new episodes of hit manga Hunter x Hunter, ending a 25-year-long record.

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Legendary Manga to Make Comeback? Mystery Countdown on Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Website Could Mean Exciting News For DB Fans!

If you’re a fan of Japanese manga, you may be familiar with the comic magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” (“Shukan Shonen Jump in Japanese”), one of the longest running and most widely read comic magazines in Japan. Well, you might be interested to know that a mystery countdown has been going on the magazine’s website, and until recently, the page showing the countdown contained just a short Japanese phrase (“最強、始動” which roughly translates to “The Truly Mighty are Getting Ready for Action” ) followed by the letter D covering the page. Read More