Winnie the Pooh

New Japanese Winnie the Pooh facial mask may look cute, but holds horrifying secret inside

Something has gone terribly wrong in the Hundred Acre Wood….

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Bite-sized Easter cakes from Ginza Cozy Corner feature cute bunny-eared Disney characters

The adorable mini cake set is just one of nine items in the sweet limited-edition collection.

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Honey-sweet Winnie the Pooh cakes now on sale — and you’ll love the packaging! 【Taste Test】

Winnie the Pooh definitely loves his honey, doesn’t he? Well, here in Japan, August 3 is apparently “Honey Day” (Hachimitsu no Hi),  based on the fact that the numbers eight (hachi) and three (san, or sometimes pronounced mittsu when counting objects), sounds like honey in Japanese (hachimitsu) when combined. And in honor of the day that celebrates his favorite food, Pooh bear has teamed up with Japanese confection maker Ginza Cozy Corner to offer the sweets-loving Japanese public some  honey-flavored goodness this summer. It’s the Honey Lemon Madeleine featuring adorable Winnie the Pooh packaging,  and of course, we had to try some ourselves!

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