Ladies Beware! 9 Things Men Don’t Want to Find in a Girl’s Room

We all try to make good impressions when we have people over, don’t we? Especially when it’s a special someone. Well, if the person you’re inviting over is a Japanese man, there are some things ladies should beware of, according to Yahoo! Japan. Apparently, Japanese men (and perhaps it’s not just Japanese men) sometimes harbor “illusions” about what girls’ rooms are like — you know, always smelling sweet, with maybe lots of pink and lace and fluff. Well, sorry to have to break it to you guys, but these are “illusions” that exist mainly in movies or glossy magazines.

Putting male hypocrisy aside, I think we ladies can agree that no one has their room in picture-perfect condition all the time. But just to make sure you don’t plunge your male visitors into shock, the writers at Yahoo! Japan offer the following advice on 9 items that Japanese men say they definitely don’t want to see in a girl’s roomRead More