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Kay is a native Japanese who has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. She currently resides in Tokyo and enjoys writing about a wide range of topics, including all things cute and glamorous. She also loves stories about any type of food, from gourmet cuisine to junk food. Her favorite pastimes include reading, going to the movies, watching American T.V. dramas and shopping. (Yes, she is painfully aware that she owns too many bags and shoes.) She also loves to travel and has visited over 25 different countries. Her favorite place to go on vacation is New York, an amazing city where you can enjoy the best of shopping, dining, art and theater.

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Young Goku gets turned into adorable limited edition ukiyoe print!

One of the most beloved characters in manga and anime history is now available as an ukiyo-e woodblock print!

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Finding the intersection of Japanese food and western baking with Cronut® creator Dominique Ansel

Join us as we sit down for a yummy interview with renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel, whose Tokyo bakery just celebrated its first anniversary!

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Join the “Live Spectacle Naruto” viewing experience in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong!

Fans in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be able to join the ninja action in a live-viewing of the final Tokyo performance of the Live Spectacle Naruto play!

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Ready to be scared? It’s the clash of the curses in Sadako vs Kayako!【Review】

Two of Japanese horror’s biggest names came together in the newly released film Sadako vs Kayako, and you can bet we weren’t about to miss it! 

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Japanese lingerie maker Peach John charms us with line of Alice in Wonderland themed loungewear

Now you can relax in comfortable loungewear while feeling like you’re in Alice’s Wonderland!!

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Get into the tropical summer spirit with a pineapple-flavored McDonald’s shake!

McDonald’s Japan’s “Summer Shake” series this year will start off with Okinawa Pineapple!

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Meet the world’s cutest quality control manager! 【Video】

We and the rest of the Japanese internet were completely charmed by this tweet showing off the world’s cutest and youngest quality control manager in action!

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Summer sweetness arrives at Krispy Kreme Japan as colorful watermelon and lemon shaped doughnuts!

The new summer offerings from Krispy Kreme Japan are not only mouth-watering, but also eye-popping as well!

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Make a happy occasion even happier with these Sanrio-themed birth registration forms!

How would you like to make the  birth of your child official with a Hello Kitty or My Melody birth registration form?

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Could this be the ultimate McDonald’s “drive-through” experience? 【Video】

This McDonald’s customer paid for his order in cash and received his hamburger — without setting foot in the store!

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Now you can see how the world’s smallest cookie shot is made! 【Video】

We were totally impressed with this video showing a super-miniature cookie shot dessert being created at the Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan!

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Bandai’s bakery/cafe to offer a variety of character themes — starting with Rascal the raccoon!

Yup, you can never go wrong with adorable character-themed bread and coffee! 

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Make Father’s Day sweet this year with these lovable treats from Ginza Cozy Corner!

If your dad’s fond of sweets, then Ginza Cozy Corner has a great way for you to celebrate Father’s Day this year!

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Don’t miss this captivating video of translucent kuzu confection being made 【Video】

This video of a traditional kuzu confection being made is a rare treat! 

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Beef bowl chain Yoshinoya’s historic first store to close, special countdown site launched!

Yoshinoya’s very first store in Tsukiji will be closing later this year, and their tribute website offers plenty of nostalgic content, including some awesome videos!

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Nyaran the travel mascot cat goes edible and the results melt our hearts!

From cakes to rice rolls, these delicious looking food items inspired by popular mascot cat Nyaran are almost too cute to eat!

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Now you can have churrasco style barbecue as rice cracker snacks!

The tasty rice crackers known as Kaki no Tane (literally “persimmon seeds”) have long been a favorite Japanese snack, but would you be willing to trying them in this bold new flavor?

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The treat you’ve been waiting for: watermelon chocolate chip cookies!!

If you like watermelon, you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into these unique treats…and you won’t even have to worry about getting your fingers wet with juice!  

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Discover your stealth skills at THE NINJA exhibit coming to Tokyo in July!

Who hasn’t been fascinated by the ninja and their legendary skills? Well, this special ninja exhibit should certainly help you learn more about their mysterious world!

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These fan-made Luna and Artemis bags available on Etsy look absolutely awesome!

Whether you’re a huge Sailor Moon fan or not, we’re pretty sure you’ll swoon over how cute these Luna and Artemis bags from Etsy Shop DoroteeSweetlips are! 

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