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Kay is a native Japanese who has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. She currently resides in Tokyo and enjoys writing about a wide range of topics, including all things cute and glamorous. She also loves stories about any type of food, from gourmet cuisine to junk food. Her favorite pastimes include reading, going to the movies, watching American T.V. dramas and shopping. (Yes, she is painfully aware that she owns too many bags and shoes.) She also loves to travel and has visited over 25 different countries. Her favorite place to go on vacation is New York, an amazing city where you can enjoy the best of shopping, dining, art and theater.

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Pancake cafe from Fukuoka comes to Tokyo — and we love their divinely fluffy pancakes!

Hona Cafe, the popular pancake eatery from Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan, has arrived in Tokyo and is offering Tokyoites a taste of sweet, fluffy heaven!

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Special melon and cheese-flavored Kit Kat now available, but only at selected airports!

This new Kit Kat flavor certainly sounds fascinating, but you can only buy them at strictly limited locations!

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Unique soy sauce cruet saucer creates beautiful liquid art right on your dining table!

Who would have thought that the simple act of pouring soy sauce could create an artistic image?

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Prepare your own cup of Kyoto matcha at a cafe in Tokyo … with sweets, of course!

We visited a unique cafe in Omotesando that lets you whip up your own cup of matcha green tea—and have sweet cream-filled bread to go with it, too!

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Disney soy sauce is now on sale in Japan—four different tastes, four cute designs

Yup, in the land of kawaii, even soy sauce gets a Disney makeover.

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Experience the “Color of Water” from a 250-year-old Japanese confection maker!

This beautiful confection with an equally beautiful name is captivating internet users across Japan!

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Traditional Japanese sakura mochi confection meets western pie at Tokyo pie eatery!【Taste Test】

Sakura season in Tokyo isn’t quite yet finished — at least the season for tasting it isn’t!

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Kit Kat Premium Gift Shop now open for limited time near Narita Airport

If you’re coming to Japan and buying Kit Kats is on your list of things to do, you’ll want to check this store out!

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Beautiful marshmallow flowers are in bloom at Tokyo’s Dominque Ansel Bakery!

Sakura season may be over in Tokyo, but we were still able to see some beautiful and sweet flowers bloom at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Omotesando, Tokyo!

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New China-themed lingerie from Peach John is sexy, adorable, and manga-inspiring!

If you like form-fitting, beautifully embroidered Chinese dresses, this could be the perfect treat for you and your partner!

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New Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan to offer a piece of melon heaven!

Sweet, fruity bliss is coming to Starbucks Japan again, this time in cantaloupe flavor!

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Just looking at these beautiful edamame and beer candles will make you hungry and thirsty!

Who doesn’t love beer and edamame? But you can’t eat or drink these … because they’re candles!

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Promotional event convinces us Kyoto’s Uji City is an area worth both exploring and tasting!

We learn a little about Uji City and its famous tea and also try green tea sweets by Uji-born celebrity pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka!

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Love Capybaras? Now you can take a hot bath while watching them bathe!

Nasu Animal Kingdom to offer an unprecedentedly cutest hot spring experience!

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Matcha-flavored Garrett Popcorn, here we come!【Taste Test】

That’s right, Garretts Popcorn’s current seasonal flavor is “Matcha Caramel Crisp“, and we saw absolutely no reason whatsoever not to try it!

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Pablo’s Matcha Cheese Tart is green, beautiful and absolutely scrumptious【Taste Test】

Green tea flavored cheese tart? Yup, that definitely sounds too good to pass up!

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It’s official! Hunter x Hunter to resume serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump next month

Yes, Togashi-sensei is finally getting back to work, with the hit manga Hunter x Hunter returning to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in April!

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Ramen with strawberry sauce and white chocolate in Tokyo? Oh, yes, please! 【Taste test】

We try Tokyo ramen chain Menya Mushashi’s latest mix of ramen and dessert.

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Gudetama the lazy egg comes to Kyoto—as Japanese-style cafe treats!

For a limited time, the MACCHA HOUSE cafe in Kyoto will be collaborating with Sanrio’s well-loved apathetic egg, Gudetama!

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Now you can have beauty-conscious non-alcoholic beer from Suntory!

Who ever thought non-alcoholic beer could help you feel healthy and beautiful?

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