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Kay is a native Japanese who has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. She currently resides in Tokyo and enjoys writing about a wide range of topics, including all things cute and glamorous. She also loves stories about any type of food, from gourmet cuisine to junk food. Her favorite pastimes include reading, going to the movies, watching American T.V. dramas and shopping. (Yes, she is painfully aware that she owns too many bags and shoes.) She also loves to travel and has visited over 25 different countries. Her favorite place to go on vacation is New York, an amazing city where you can enjoy the best of shopping, dining, art and theater.

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Girl Manga Power! Timeless shoujo manga that shine through the decades【Part II】

Here’s part two of our series on girls’ manga that have withstood the test of time!

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Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain develops white cola made from rice!

So, what’s special about this white soda? Well, the main ingredient, for one thing! 

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Now there’s chocolate-flavored soy sauce…for shaved ice!

Wait, is this chocolate-flavored soy sauce, or soy-sauce flavored chocolate sauce?

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Subtly JoJo: These backpacks and short boots should prepare you for some bizarre adventures

This is what a collaboration between popular manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and American outdoor clothing/accessories brand Columbia looks like! 

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Girl Manga Power! Timeless shoujo manga that shine through the decades【Part I】

While some popular manga are fads, others can stay with you for a lifetime.

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The details are in — and things look as adorable as expected for the new Kirby Café!

We’re happy to say that details on the locations, menu and merchandise for the Kirby Café have now been released!

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Sweet soft serve corn ice cream on grilled corn? We try Dominique Ansel’s new Crème de la Corn

Oh, golden corn, how sweet you are — but you’re even sweeter as this new soft serve ice cream on grilled corn from Dominque Ansel Bakery Japan!

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Have your dessert/drink in a bowl of melon — at revolving sushi restaurant Sushiro!

We aren’t sure whether to call it a dessert or a drink, but we do know you can have it at a conveyor belt sushi chain!

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See what Frozen’s Elsa and Olaf look like as Japanese ukiyo-e style illustrations!

Yup, the familiar Disney characters look as cool as ice!

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Kirby Cafe to open for limited time this summer — we can’t wait to hear the details!

All we can say is, “This is going to be soooo Cute!!”

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Hunter x Hunter manga serial on indefinite hiatus again, we ask publisher for details

We can almost hear the collective screams of fans, “No, not again!

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This Golden Shaved Ice just might bring you luck (and fortune) this summer!

Golden shaved ice that uses real gold leaf — how’s that for a lucky dessert? 

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This eye-catching tomato juice is golden — literally!

Wait, what kind of juice did you say this was?

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Young Goku gets turned into adorable limited edition ukiyoe print!

One of the most beloved characters in manga and anime history is now available as an ukiyo-e woodblock print!

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Finding the intersection of Japanese food and western baking with Cronut® creator Dominique Ansel

Join us as we sit down for a yummy interview with renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel, whose Tokyo bakery just celebrated its first anniversary!

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Join the “Live Spectacle Naruto” viewing experience in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong!

Fans in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be able to join the ninja action in a live-viewing of the final Tokyo performance of the Live Spectacle Naruto play!

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Ready to be scared? It’s the clash of the curses in Sadako vs Kayako!【Review】

Two of Japanese horror’s biggest names came together in the newly released film Sadako vs Kayako, and you can bet we weren’t about to miss it! 

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Japanese lingerie maker Peach John charms us with line of Alice in Wonderland themed loungewear

Now you can relax in comfortable loungewear while feeling like you’re in Alice’s Wonderland!!

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Get into the tropical summer spirit with a pineapple-flavored McDonald’s shake!

McDonald’s Japan’s “Summer Shake” series this year will start off with Okinawa Pineapple!

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Meet the world’s cutest quality control manager! 【Video】

We and the rest of the Japanese internet were completely charmed by this tweet showing off the world’s cutest and youngest quality control manager in action!

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