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Hailing from Liverpool in the UK, Philip Kendall made Japan his second home in the summer of 2006 after dolefully abandoning his childhood dream of becoming a ghost buster. Setting up camp in beautiful Fukushima prefecture, he brought joy to literally hundreds of junior high school children as ‘that tall, handsome teacher’ or more often ‘the one with the big nose,’ before relocating to Tokyo at the end of 2011.

Writer, foodie, gamer and eternal student of the Japanese language, Philip now works as a freelance writer and translator, submitting to Tokyo Weekender magazine and website and Learn Japanese Pod, as well as co-running Suds, Grub & Joe- a website dedicated to all things beer, food and coffee-related in Tokyo. Follow his ramblings on his personal blog or on twitter.

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McDonald’s Japan gives Aichi Prefecture residents an exclusive new menu item: Ogura Hotcakes

The area-specific sweet will be available for a limited time only.

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Square Enix displays 46-foot Dragon Quest blackboard mural in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station

Not all blackboard doodles are created equal.

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“Hello Tokyo” is one of the most stylish sightseeing videos we’ve ever seen【Video】

“It was my first time visiting Japan, a place I had always wanted to see … I soon realised how lively and energetic this city really is.”

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18 Japanese kids who are completely done with today【Pics】

The weekend cannot come fast enough for these hilariously tired tots.

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The people of Japan, defined in one photograph

Keepin’ it neat and tidy…

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Stunning time-lapse photography, “Sea of Clouds”, shows off Hong Kong’s natural beauty【Video】

There’s so much more to China’s southern city than skyscrapers…

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The Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake we’re still waiting for【Video】

The classic Nintendo 64 game has never looked so good, and probably never will.

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Nintendo to stream special animated short ahead of Star Fox Zero’s release【Video】

The animation is set to air later this week ahead of the new game’s release—and you can watch a preview of it right here!

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Photos of Ronald McDonald statue being “arrested” by Chinese police go viral【Video】

What kind of grilling can Ronald expect to receive after being a-salted in broad daylight and taken into McCustody? 

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Kids in China learn what happens when you drop a lit match into a methane-filled sewer【Video】

These little pranksters got more than they bargained for when they dropped a match down the drain…

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Nissan Japan’s special drive music takes kids from screams to snores in minutes【Video】

Watch these wailing babies go from kill mode to chill mode in the blink of an eye.

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“Don’t let pressure dictate your life”—China’s unmarried women speak out in heart-rending video

This video documenting the pressure China’s “leftover” women are under to marry will kick you squarely in the feels.

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Shinjuku’s giant Godzilla statue gets a new addition, reminds us that fresh breath matters

Everyone’s favourite tokusatsu titan has a very important message for the people of Shinjuku this week.

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A call to arms: 5 Japanese potato chip flavours the west badly needs

This may upset you to learn, but if you’re a potato chip fan living outside of Japan then you’re seriously missing out…

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Sony teases us with “Ghostbusters Proton Pack” April Fool【Video】

Oh, Sony, why are you doing this to me?

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New dietary supplement from Japan will make your farts smell “like a flower garden”【Video】

Because when your ad contains the line “It’s like cherry blossom comes out of your ass hole!” you know it’s going to be a game-changer. 

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Watch Koreans being hilariously bad at telling Western celebrities apart【Video】

You know that whole “all Asians look alike” thing? Well, it works both ways…

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Chinese street vendor plants a kiss on police officer’s lips during arrest【Video】

“Make love, not war,” right?

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Heads up—Japan’s Ghibli Museum will be closed for two months as of this May

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo’s world-famous Ghibli Museum later this year, you may want to reschedule.

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Watch the touching animated tribute to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata【Video】

The former Nintendo frontman is remembered in this short but incredibly moving animation.

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