Korean artist stuns with 3-hour Star Wars illustration merging the Force and feudal Japan【Video】

There are no reference photos and no sketches; just an artist, a pen and his beautiful mind.

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“Snow White” book banned from school for being obscene, no one sure of the part in question

A reasonable complaint, or unreasonable parent? The internet weighs in.

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Japan’s trendy eringi mushroom pasta recipe: As eye-catching as it is labor-intensive 【Photos】

The recipe calls for meticulously sticking dry noodles into numerous mushroom stalks. Uppercutting the entire dish into the atmosphere out of sheer frustration at the difficulty of that step is, we presume, optional.

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How does Hyrule Warriors Legends on the New Nintendo 3DS stack up against other versions?【Video】

If you’re planning to buy Hyrule Warriors Legends, watch this video to see if you prefer the Wii U, the “old” 3DS, or the New 3DS version.

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“Flappy Bird” creator teams with Japanese publisher for coming release of a “ninja game”

The creator of Flappy Bird is apparently working with Japanese studio Obakaidem to produce several titles, including a “ninja game.”

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Gamer plays Ocarina of Time using only an ocarina【Video】

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Fire Emblem Fates’ controversial “gay conversion therapy” scene to be cut for western release

Nintendo says a scene contained in the Japanese release of Fire Emblem Fates, which could be construed as advocating “gay conversion therapy,” will not appear in the English release.

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Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke goes Art Nouveau in amazing fan art treatment

Studio Ghibli fan and Part-time artist Hannah Alexander created this dazzling Art Nouveau version of Princess Mononoke from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animated film.

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Sanji has a last name?!? One Piece mangaka focusing on “Black Legs” in upcoming chapters

We thought Sanji was like Prince, Usher or Madonna. Turns out we were wrong.

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New Tokyo Olympic stadium architect responds to accusations of plagiarism

It seems controversy over the new National Stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics isn’t over yet.

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New wearable device reads your pet’s mind (to remind you they’re probably annoyed at you)

The pet wearables venture company, Anicall, promises a new device and accompanying smartphone app that can read your pet’s emotions.

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Miss Universe contestants promote inner beauty with no-make-up selfies

Participants from the recent Miss Universe pageant tweeted photos of themselves au naturale to encourage women everywhere to love the skin they’re in.

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Photos of Antarctica captured by Japanese photographer KAGAYA are absolutely stunning!

Photos taken in Antarctica by digital artist and astrophotographer KAGAYA have been getting lots of love on the Japanese internet—and we can certainly see why!

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Rare case of great white in captivity ends tragically with death of shark after just three days

A great white shark exhibited at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium has been reported dead after just three days in captivity.

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ASUS: Four little letters that are a pain to pronounce

There’s a strong chance you’ve been pronouncing this company’s name wrong the whole time.

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Hideo Kojima to be inducted into Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame

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Final Fantasy’s last heroine is Louis Vuitton’s next model 【Photos】

Like a star athlete who just won a championship, video game heroine Lightning has followed up on saving the world of Final Fantasy XIII by landing an endorsement deal.

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Fans of busty volleyball video game claim victory over Zelda in promo video view-count comparison

Admirers of the virtual female form are claiming victory as they point to the growing discrepancy in the view-count between promotional videos starring the bikini-clad vixens of Dead or Alive Xtreme and the battle-ready Princess Zelda of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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Five life-altering mistakes foreigners make when living in Japan

Beyond silly mistakes like wearing toilet slippers on tatami or forgetting to add “san” to someone’s name, what other things do foreigners unknowingly do to reduce their chances of living happily in Japan?

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Happy New Year from RocketNews24!

And just like that, 2015 was no more! It’s now January 1 all the way across Asia, which means it’s officially the Year of Monkey! Happy New Year, everyone!

We’ll be putting our feet up for the rest of today, but we promise we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the news, cuteness, cats, food, fukubukuro, Mr Sato and all the weird and wonderful stuff from Japan and Asia that you know—and hopefully love—us for.

Thank you for continuing to visit our site, share our stories and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (281K and counting!!), and for helping us to grow and grow. 2015 was very good to us, but here’s hoping that 2016 will fill us all with the sprightly energy of a whole mess of merry monkeys and that we can continue to make our little site even better—although hopefully without any poo-slinging.

Stay tuned, Rocketeers, and have yourselves a great New Year’s Day!

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