Fan artist fuses Pokémon into creatively cute combinations【Pics】

We’re more than a tad disappointed we’ll never be able to catch these fusion versions in any of the games.

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Creative artist turns Kit Kat flavors into hot anime character designs

Why pick between falling in love or falling for chocolate, when you can do both?
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Jokes about balls – the true universal language.

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Japanese typhoons bring rain, chaos, and… Pokémon?!

Today’s forecast: It’s raining Magikarp!

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Comic illustrates what Japan’s PM was likely thinking moments before emerging as Mario

C’mon Abe, you can do it! You’ve got nothing to lose… Except maybe your pride.
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Psyduck shows off his best side – grooving, sliding and dancing to Hatsune Miku【Video】

These Pokémon think they can dance — and it turns out they really can!

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A cappella group Pentatonix shows off their make-up with new Perfume medley

Ahead of their upcoming Japanese appearance, the a cappella phenoms released a new medley video that smells pretty good.

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Why didn’t Japan include any Pokémon character cameos in the 2020 Olympic promo?

Netizens fear Japan may have missed out on capitalizing on one of its hottest current exports.
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The strange and funny nicknames Chinese netizens have given Western celebrities【Video】

Time for Western nicknames like Brit and JT for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to make way for Chinese monikers like “Queen of Starbucks” and “J Boss”.

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Olympic swimmer’s candid shot makes the best Photoshop Battle fodder

The Games may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun is.

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After 19 years, Ash Ketchum keeps streak alive with an as-expected performance in Pokémon League

Ash Ketchum’s latest bout with destiny went just about how you probably expected it to.

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Funny gag video suggests China is dominating Olympic diving because of magic powers

That’s one way to make sure you make the smallest splash possible when you hit the water.

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These Pokémon GO illustrations depict a world we’d love to live in【Art】

Or, at the very least, they would make a fantastic urban fantasy young adult novel series.

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The power of makeup shows a daring transformation【Video】

Why worry about surgery scars when you can just make(up) your worries away?

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Fanmade “Pokémon Uranium” is a full-length Pokémon game available for free download now!

A new region, eight gyms, 150 new Pokémon, and the added Nuclear Type make for a completely new adventure.

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Artist visualizes Pokémon as real animals for Poké-tastic results

We would definitely be willing to spend a lifetime catching all of these.

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Hilariously dark YouTube video shows how Pokémon GO spawns its common Pokémon【Video】

Oh. Oh, god, I was not expecting that!

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Problems drawing body parts hampering your manga artist aspirations? Let this app lend you a hand

Who’s got two thumbs and likes to help artists? Handy Art Reference Tool does!

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Longest Five Minutes Game Gets English Release, Trailer

Adventure RPG slated for 2017 in N. America, Europe

Japanese Twitter’s definitive collection of “Wait, that’s not a cat!” moments【Photos】

Cats: Tricking us hoomans since, well, forever.

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