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Japanese netizens discuss the ulterior meaning of “kawaisou” (how sad/pitiable)

Be careful when breaking out this one; sometimes the person you’re pitying doesn’t want your pity.

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Adorable cats look like catbus from My Neighbour Totoro in real life, become massive hit online

With their cute sets of extra paws, these hilarious cats look like furry catbuses come to life!

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Animal caricatures from classic Japanese scroll art enter the modern world as cute, funny figures

The anthropomorphized frog and rabbit from the famous 12th century Choju-jinbutsu-giga acquaint themselves with computers, selfie sticks and more in this cute line of miniature figures.

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Japanese vocaloid Hatsune Miku takes the reins from Scarlett Johansson in new shampoo commercial

Check out Hatsune Miku showing off her shiny tresses without her signature twin tail hairstyle.

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Elderly Japanese man keeps ATM PIN on paper in wallet, but it’s the thieves who should be worried

Clever codger shows he still has a strong memory and a sharp mind.

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Prefectural government in Japan to pay million-dollar restitution to family of deceased woman

Shimane Prefecture awards a college student’s family a settlement in restitution for the roadside accident that took her life.

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This Japanese Ultraman temple block will help you cast off all worldly desires!

It’ll cost you about $10,000, but surely Nirvana is worth it.

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Video of “air swimming” dog proves to be a hit with Japanese Twitter users【Video】

This video of one dog’s paddling is setting Twitter ablaze.

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One of Japan’s best-kept ice cream secrets…is hiding at a home improvement center? 【Taste test】

Meg shows us further proof that no matter where you go in Japan, you’re never very far away from something that tastes really good.

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Japanese Twitter users discuss the fine line between having fun and being an addict

Turns out there’s a simple way you assess whether you’re a happy drunk or a dangerous one, at least according to one Japanese Twitter user.

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Photographer travelled world for four years, takes the perfect shot after returning home to Japan

This viral photograph proves that sometimes the best things in life are closest to home.

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After turning into Mario, Japan’s prime minster gets turned into an awesome pixel art GIF

Journey from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro recreated in the style of Nintendo’s classic games

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Waste not, want not: Japanese netizens share delicious ways they prepare watermelon rinds

If you thought the red flesh was the only edible part of a watermelon, this is for you!

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Cheapo News: Dine on a great-tasting tempura rice bowl for just 130 yen at this Tokyo chain

Marugame Udon, a ubiquitous Tokyo noodle shop, serves this delicious “hidden” menu item for just 130 yen.

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9-square Shogi great way to enter the convoluted world of Japanese chess

Brush up on your flying chariot versus incense chariot tactics with this close-quarters version of the complex Japanese relative of chess.
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Live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service stage play coming to London this winter, report claims

Sounds like the U.K. is getting its second Studio Ghibli anime-based stage production, and very soon.

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Trick or treat! These Tsum Tsum Trick Box Truffles are sure to tickle your Halloween spirit

These delicious-looking, chocolate-covered truffles come in some seriously cute Halloween-themed Tsum Tsum wrappers.

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Starbucks Japan releases new Golden Maple Candy Walnut Frappuccino with sweet dipping sticks

Japanese Twitter users are weighing in with their thoughts on the two new limited edition items.

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Japanese YouTuber shows how hard it is to hide your panties under sheer clothing

Use this handy trick when you don’t want your panties saying “Peek-a-boo!” under your white bottoms.

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Simply gorgeous: Japanese artist uses sea salt to bring these sea creatures to life

Artist Mai Hirashima uses an unusual technique to create these inspired pictures.

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