Saitama soccer fans employ Art of War strategy to make up for low turnout

It’s well known that a large crowd (or lack thereof) can have a dramatic psychological impact on a team’s performance. Unfortunately for Saitama’s soccer team, Omiya Ardija, it was hard for fans to get out to the ground to cheer during the Wednesday night J-League Cup qualification match against the Tokushima Vortis.

Nevertheless, those who managed to make it to the stadium went the extra mile to get their team pumped for a win, taking along an army of two-dimensional fans to fill seats.

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Hand-drawn Godzilla poster used at tiny Taiwanese movie theatre is beautiful in its own way

Director Gareth Edwards’ new take on Godzilla takes full advantage of the latest advancements in CGI technology to bring the iconic monster back to life, bigger and badder than ever before, and the promotional posters and teaser trailers stirred up plenty of hype before the movie’s release. But would you be rushing into the movie theater if you saw the above poster?

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Tropfest: The world’s largest short-film festival comes to Japan for one day only

Have you heard of Tropfest? For thousands of Australians, the name conjures up images of picnics, green grass and long, warm days that turn into night, bringing out stars like Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush.

It’s the biggest short-film festival in the world, born in a small café in Sydney in 1993 and growing every year, travelling to places like New York, Abu Dhabi and Cape York. This year the outdoor film festival is making its debut in Japan, bringing with it Aussie food stalls and a great selection of film shorts.

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Super Mercedes Brothers! Mario teams up with Benz for new ad, game content 【Video】

Isn’t it a little weird that whenever Princess Peach gets kidnapped, and ostensibly needs to be rescued as soon as possible, Mario literally runs off to save her? Why is it that when time is of the essence, Nintendo’s greatest hero insists on doing the job on foot? After all, it’s not like he can’t drive, since there are now eight titles in the Mario Kart racing series.

Really, it’s about time Mario got himself some motorized transportation, and a star of his caliber needs a suitably prestigious ride. Something like a new Mercedes-Benz GLA, perhaps.

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Nomisugi! Japan’s sleeping drunks get turned into living drink-awareness ads

It’s finally Friday here in Tokyo, and hundreds of thousands of people are gearing up for a night on the town. The weather is fine, the pubs plentiful, and with work done for another week it’s time to cut back and relax with a few beers.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in Japan tend to overdo it when it comes to drink. Combined with an alcohol intolerance that is surprisingly common amongst Asian people, this results in a shockingly high number of alcohol-related mishaps, with businessmen, beautifully dressed girls and college kids alike passing out on the street, in stairwells, on trains and station platforms pretty much every weekend.

The Yaocho Bar Group has been out looking for these sleeping drunks, however, and when they find one they swoop in like a band of rogue graffiti artists, using duct tape and pre-printed messages and slogans to construct a billboard around them, clearly labelling the drinker with the word nomisugi, or “drank too much’.

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Give your child the gift of a 3-meter-long seaweed plush toy!

There’s still some time until Christmas, but it’s never too early to start thinking of gift ideas. Seeing as the youth of today is the future of humanity, you’ll want to get something equal parts fun and educational for those developing minds.

So just image the thrilled look on their face when your favorite youngster pulls (and pulls) a three-meter (10ft) fuzzy green strip out of a box! Granted some children might freak out initially thinking it’s a giant tapeworm, but after they calm down you can explain that it’s actually not a parasite but a giant strip of delicious algae!

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Knocking on your door: Kiyoshi Sugo’s beautiful, melodic dubstep【J-Tunes】

May is almost over and summer is about to kick into high-gear. Business people are slipping into their “cool-biz” outfits, and the air conditioners on the trains are coming on full blast now. Pretty soon you’ll be able to find us all at the beach fanning ourselves while slurping down the finest kakigori money can buy. And what better way is there to go into summer than with some sick new tunes?

That’s right, we’re back with more J-Tunes for you! And today we have one of Japan’s best electronic music producers, Kiyoshi Sugo. If you like dancing, lush melodies, fat basslines, or sick drops, you need to check this out.

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China’s mysterious “fashion fairy” is back with even more bizarre trash outfits

A couple of months ago, an ingenious cosplayer intrigued the internet with photos of his impressive low-cost looks created using nothing but kitchen utensils, toilet rolls and large helping of imagination, enabling him to look remarkably like Disney princesses, Harry Potter and more.

Just last month we discovered the creative genius pictured above, this time in China. Though her forte is not in replicating the looks of famous characters, this fashion designer-wannabe has shown extraordinary imagination and creativity in the items she creates out of plastic bags, cardboard, vegetables, and even seafood. Now, the fashion fairy is back, and she has even more funky photos to show off!

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Marketing…? Japanese clothing label calls would-be wearers “fat”

One day back in college, I was shopping for some clothes in Yamaguchi. I found a shirt that fit just right, but when I took it off and looked at the tag, I was surprised to see the size listed as “LA.” Curious, I asked the salesperson what it meant, and was told it was an abbreviation for “large athletic,” meaning it was cut for a person with large shoulders and a slim waist.

I’m not sure how much of that was really reflected in the design, but the unexpected written compliment put me in such a good mood I bought the shirt right away, and still have it to this day.

Of course, this sort of psychology can cut both ways, and I’m not sure how one Japanese clothing manufacturer expects to drum up sales by calling out its larger customers in the least delicate way.

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Detailed explanation of Japanese armor?!? Show me!

An extremely exciting part of Japanese culture that can be felt even in the recesses of modern Tokyo is its history with bushido: the way of the samurai. There were morals and rules and a strict code of honor that samurai followed and are even in this day still referred to for answers and strength.

But bushido is only a part of what makes a samurai a samurai, with another huge aspect being the look. A man in armor said as much about being a samurai as the practice of Bushido did. The name and place of every piece of armor is certainly daunting, but a very easy-to-understand illustration has surfaced on the Internet, and we are happy to report it’s in English!

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New video shows the link between the Force and Akira Kurosawa’s masterpieces

Anyone who is a serious Star Wars fan knows that George Lucas drew heavily on old Japanese Samurai movies, mainly Akira Kurosawa, when making his space opera. Even if you aren’t that into Star Wars, just from watching the movies you can see the samurai imagery screaming out at you. Just take one look at Darth Vader and his stormtroopers and you can see it. But it isn’t simply that Lucas drew his inspiration from those movies, the whole story behind it actually has a few more moving parts then that. A new video from the YouTube channel Film School’d has illustrated that connection with some pretty sweet white board art to boot!

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Chinese Air Force chasing UFO believed to have been caught on Google Maps

Back in September 2011, there were widespread flight cancellations across China that were blamed on inclement weather. It was an unusually large disruption to the air traffic across a large country, so some took to the net to ask “What was really going on?” One theory that arose was that the nation’s airspace had been shut down because the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force was engaging UFOs.

Over time, however, the rumors subsided and became the stuff that urban legends are made of. Until now, that is, as a discovery on Google Map’s satellite images has turned up what appears to be two planes following a rapidly moving, blurry white object. It’s an image that many are theorizing to be that legendary close encounter.

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Is this the Victoria’s Secret of China? Woman poses in lingerie at marketplace【Photos】

It is common to see store assistants or sales representatives of apparel brands dressed in clothing from their own brand when they are on duty. This not only allows the staff to experience the fit and feel of their own products, it gives customers a view on what the clothes look like on a real moving human instead of a stiff mannequin. Lingerie makers, however, can’t expect their store assistants to parade around in undergarments. Or can they?

A Chinese woman who runs a lingerie shop was spotted posing and strutting about in her undies like a real-life mannequin for her store! More pictures after the break!

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Doughnut Sandwich Taste Test Round 2 — This time it’s a Mos Burger and Mister Donut creation!

Now, some of our readers may recall that we recently introduced on our site some devilishly tempting-looking doughnut sandwiches sold at Tokyo Station, and guess what? These “doughnut sandwiches” may actually be catching on in Japan, because popular Japanese food chains Mos Burger and Mister Donut have joined forces to come out this week with a new line of “MOSDO!”collaboration products, and one of them is a doughnut sandwich that we might say is one of the most, well… interesting-looking sandwiches we’ve ever seen. It’s the “Mos Burger French Cruller with Round-and-Round Chorizo Sausage” (Mos no French Cruller Guruguru Chorizo), and yes, it really does look like what you see in the picture!

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Five video games that will never, ever get made (but totally should)

The E3 video game trade show is now just a couple of weeks away, and gamers the world over are getting excited. Will Rockstar Games come clean about its next project? Will Sony announce a launch date and pricing info for its new streaming service? Will the guys from Valve surprise us all by walking on stage, saying: “Episode 3. November 1,” and dropping the mic? Maybe not, but it’s fun to dream, right?

Sure, we all want to hear news of the games that have been teased over the past few months, but wouldn’t it be fun if a few more games came completely out of left field and blew us all away? With that in mind, we set our creative minds to work and came up with five video games that we wish existed, but are quite sure – perhaps for good reason – will never, ever happen.

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Cuss like a pro with this handy guide for Japanese speakers

Everyone knows that there are certain nuances in every language that you just can’t learn from school. Humor, for instance, but also cursing. Sure, you might know the definitions of a few key words, but stringing them together is a task unlikely to be perfected except by those who have spent some time with folks who are native speakers.

A recent book written by MADSAKI and published by Transworld Japan is giving Japanese speakers the fine opportunity to learn how to creatively curse in American-English. Titled, How to use F*** Correctly: 99 Phrases Using F***, S***, D***, and H*** that Schools Won’t Teach You, Handle with Care, it promises 176 pages of illustrated cursing, with examples.

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Move over, Psy: YouTube goes wild for dancing Korean baby 【Video】

YouTube videos that rack up millions of views tend to feature either funky music, dancing, or children or animals doing adorable things. These are the kind of links we share again and again, sending to our friends and happily watching multiple times. These two Korean babies rocking out to dance music, therefore, were always going to be the perfect mix for a YouTube hit!

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Ghibli pixel art gives us so much warm nostalgia we’re sharing it with you

Although The Wind Rises, the last anime directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, was released in North America back in February, it wasn’t until this month that the film premiered in the UK. To celebrate, Birmingham-based digital artist Richard Evans wanted to recreate some of his favorite scenes from the collected works of Studio Ghibli.

Since the subject material includes many of the most respected animated films to ever come out of Japan, Evans wanted to do something appropriately classic yet creative, which led him to create this awesome set of Ghibli pixel art.

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Pikachu soccer jersey lets you represent as a lover of both sports and Pokémon

In Japan, the national sports teams are officially known as the Nihon Daihyou, literally the Japanese Representatives. And while it’s true that the Japanese soccer team will be getting eve more attention than usual as it competes in the World Cup in Brazil, one could argue that Japan’s pop cultural icons, more so than its athletes, are the most prominent representatives of the country internationally.

Or, you could sidestep the debate by combing the too with a Pokémon soccer jersey.

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Who needs pre-furnished apartments when you can get one that comes with a cat?

Some Japanese apartments are incredibly sparse. In the most extreme cases, your lease gets you four walls, a kitchen sink, bathroom, and that’s it. Oh, you want lighting fixtures, a stove, and air conditioning? Sorry, you’ll have to purchase all that on your own.

As a result, savvy apartment hunters are always on the lookout for properties that include some of these amenities. And while it’s incredibly convenient to find a place that already comes with ceiling lamps, it still can’t match the thrill some animal lovers in Japan experience when they find a new pad that comes with a cat.

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