Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano anthropomorphizes katana made from a meteorite

Illustration and blade that inspired it to be shown together at Tokyo museum.

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The heartwarming story behind the Starbucks “Green Cup”【Video】

This was no pre-Christmas cup; just a wonderful way to show we’re all connected.
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Japanese artist is master of multi-tasking, gets two paintings done at once

When you’ve got two hands, why not use them both at once?

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Art in motion: Japanese company shows off stunning 2-D animation works

From falling cherry blossom leaves to a rabbit pounding mochi rice, these incredible slit animations are absolutely mesmerising.

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Fukuoka town builds enormous Godzilla replica out of… straw?

After hearing about it last week, you bet we went to check out Japan’s gigantic straw Godzilla for ourselves, and it’s way more imposing than we’d anticipated.

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Japanese Internet blown away by lifelike curves and sexy feminine poses of super flexible figurine

The plump flesh and curvy proportions of this doll are so realistic they’re actually NSFW.

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Tokyo’s beautiful new license plates are based on one of Japan’s most famous woodblock paintings

Ukiyo-e master Hokusai’s iconic seascape is now appearing on eligible motor vehicles in the capital.

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Collection of Osamu Tezuka’s erotic animal manga sketches published for first time, available now

Creator of Astro Boy also had a knack for drawing sexy mouse ladies.

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Japanese mother makes cookies that look like tiny meals

The Internet has gone crazy for this incredible biscuit collection that looks like a range of tiny food replicas.

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Sharpening these colored pencils will give you beautiful flower petals

With five different floral designs to choose from, this is one bouquet you’ll want to add to your pencil case.

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Official Star Wars Ukiyo-e is back for Round 2!

It’s like they knew exactly which beloved characters were missing in our hearts and our collections.

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Artist carves cute Studio Ghibli characters into Oreo cookie filling 【Video】

Who can resist scrumptious Oreo cookies, especially when they’re inscribed with our favorite Ghibli anime characters? Read More

Japanese artist uses newspaper to make immense, life-like sculptures

Whatever you do with your old papers, it’s probably nowhere near as cool as this!

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Get your beer in artistic cans featuring work by ukiyoe master Hiroshige!

This winter season, enjoy some fine Japanese art along with your beer!

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Fan artist’s plus-size Disney Princesses (and villain) are practically perfect in every way【Pics】

If you liked these women before now there’s even more of them to love.

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Japan’s amazingly realistic CG schoolgirl learns how to kiss 【Video】

Saya puckers up while showing off a variety of uncannily lifelike facial expressions.

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Internet goes crazy for custom-made desk built by Japanese animator

The DIY project, complete with an embedded graphics tablet, is inspiring digital illustrators everywhere.

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Pokémon becomes fine art with series of two hand-crafted Pikachu woodblock prints fans can buy

Pokémon look more distinguished than ever in authentic ukiyo-e that pay homage to a pair of feudal Japan’s greatest artists.

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Artist turns Idolmaster Cinderella characters into cute Pokémon-style sprites

It’s a new take on the classic Bug Catcher, Lass, and Youngster trainer types in this high-quality fan crossover!

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Here’s how to draw ice cream without it looking like the manga poop emoji

Dessert, not defecation.

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