84-year-old Chinese Man Bears His Skin For Art, Shunned by His Children

How would you like to spend the golden years of your life? Join a volunteer group? Or perhaps travel the world?

This 84-year-old man in China has decided that he would do something that most of us would probably never find the courage to do in our life: he poses nude in front of strangers.

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What’s Happening on the Men’s Side of the Bath House? SENTO, a Photo Gallery of Naked Men

This is art.  Women aren’t buying this book to get excited over glimpses of male genitalia. And both men and women are buying it. “SENTO”, a book of photography put together by renown photographer Yoshinaga Masayuki, has not gone without a certain amount of sensational reaction due to its subject matter, stark naked men. The question seems to be, how much is it OK to show? Read More

Empty Beer Cans Become Art: 17 Photos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Remember the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well after you take a look at some of these incredible hand-made sculptures, made entirely from old beers cans, cartons and containers, you might well be reaching for your credit card and heading over to eBay…

Over at Hamster Sokuhou, a thread has exploded with comments of praise and amazement for photos of aluminium can sculptures, produced by one Japanese internet user going by the name of “Makaon”, featuring everything from birds to Ultra Man and Pikachu.

Whoever this Makaon person is, she is very, very talented…

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Amazing New Garbage Bags Just Made Cleaning Up Your Town Cool (No, Really)

As much as it might sound like a speech that one of those creepy, smile-flashing, tracksuit-wearing guest speakers might have given at your school when you were a kid, it genuinely is cool to be seen cleaning up your town in Japan right now.

In a joint venture between Garbage Bag Artwork and Columbia Sportswear Japan, a range of artistically-designed garbage bags has been launched, along with a swanky new website that aims to encourage both local groups and handsome folks like you and me to get out and clean up our towns. Read More

No Glasses, No Illusions: This Genuine 3-D Art From Yuki Matsueda is Guaranteed to Catch Your Eye

If only real emergency exit signs were this exciting! If you saw that even the little green exit guy was sprinting out of his frame, you’d know it was time to get moving!

But this is no trick art, nor will visitors to galleries be required to don a pair of 3-D glasses to achieve the visual effect; what we have here is the real deal.

This is the work of Yuki Matsueda, a Japanese artist born in Ibaraki prefecture, who is currently receiving critical acclaim all over Asia. When we spotted his work online recently, we just had to share some of his most exciting work with your good selves. We’re sure you’d agree that this is some pretty cool creative design right here…

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Japanese Babies Daydream Too! Creative Infant Art a la Mila’s Daydreams Sweeps Japan

Being a new mom is tough (this is just speculation; I haven’t birthed one my own yet). Taking care of a baby is a full-time job, and after an intensive session of feeding, burping, changing, wiping and playing, those few hours of peace that children reward their mothers with during naptime are truly precious—so why not have a little fun with them?

Adele Enersen, a former ad copywriter and full-time mother who lives in Finland, thought to do just that when she created Mila’s Daydreams, a photo blog where she shares the whimsical dreams of her daughter, Mila, as she naps peacefully on canvases of colorful fabrics and household objects.

The blog went viral back in 2010, and in January 2011, Enerson compiled some of the best photos from the blog into her first book, When My Baby Dreams. Now, thanks in part to a similar book published by a Japanese mother, the daydreaming baby photo craze has hit Japan.

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The Question Dividing Japan: Which Girl Would You Rather Date?

I don’t know about other guys, but even if I’m in a healthy relationship I will sometimes encounter a girl who completely grabs my attention and doesn’t let go.

Maybe she’s stunningly beautiful, maybe she exudes charisma and style; whatever it is, there’s just something about her that captivates me—but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m romantically interested.

It’s like I’ve been trying to tell my wife for the past three hours while she’s locked herself in the bathroom with my wallet and phone: there are some girls you want to date and there are some girls you just want to look at.

Just take a look at the illustration above, which sparked an online debate over ideal girlfriends vs. ideal eye-candy after being poster to Twitter earlier this week.

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Walking, Talking Works of Art at South Korean Body Painting Festival

The International Body Painting Festival was held earlier this month in Daegu, South Korea. Artists used models as their canvas and covered them head to toe in paint, feathers and other shiny things to create one-of-a-kind works of art that will have you staring for more than one reason. Read More

Starbucks Espresso Journey in Harajuku Provides a Unique Coffee Experience at the World’s First Starbucks Pop-up Store

Starbucks Japan invites you to enjoy a “supreme espresso experience” at the chain’s first-ever pop-up store in Tokyo.  Created by designer Oki Sato, co-founder of design company Nendo, and nestled in the trendy Harajuku district of Tokyo, this unique Starbucks event is aimed at providing visitors with a memorable coffee drinking experience.  Visitors can enjoy back-to-basics coffee drinks which highlight the richness of Starbucks espresso and are even able to try their hand at making Starbucks coffee and sample Starbucks Via flavored coffee in the second floor’s “experience space.”

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The Beautiful Paper Lanterns of Akita’s Tanabata Edoro Festival

For the nights of August 5-7, the streets of Yuzawa, Akita prefecture, are illuminated with the soft glow of ukiyo-e-esque paintings on paper lanterns for the Tanabata Edoro (Picture Lantern) Festival, a 300-year-old festival that takes place near JR Yuzawa station during Tanabata every year.

Akita is known for having some of the most beautiful women in Japan and the hand-painted paper lanterns do the prefecture justice, portraying illustrations of beautiful Japanese women, often in seductive poses.

Take a look at some of the lanterns from previous years below:

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“Fresco Jesus Curry” is a Delicious Restoration of the Traditional Japanese Curry Recipe

By now you’ve surely heard of the elderly woman who botched the “restoation” of a century-old fresco of Jesus painted on the walls of a Roman Catholic church in Spain.

While the culprit, who is in her 80’s, insists she was only trying to fix the painting as parts of it had flaked off over the years, it’s difficult to describe the “restored” image as anything but vandalism.

Naturally, the internet found the story hillarious and soon “fresco restoration” parodies were showing up on Twitter and blogs worldwide.

Japanese blogger/curry enthusiast Takeda Take, whom you may remember from his adorable Shiba Inu Plump Booty Curry, decided to make his own fresco Jesus restoration using a canvas of—you guessed it—curry and rice.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Gets Disneyfied

Not too long ago, we showed you some fantastic Disney and One Piece crossover art. This time, internationally popular manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! gets the Disney treatment, thanks to net artist scaragh. Read More

Obama Family Matryoshka Dolls Found in Sakhalin, But Something’s Wrong With Bo…

Nothing says traditional Russian fold crafts like Matryoshka dolls. Go to any gift shop in Russia and you’re sure to find a set of the little wooden figures on sale.

Sometimes you can even find dolls painted with a quirky theme, such as famous musical acts or soviet leaders. One of our reporters came across a set of President Obama & family Matryoshka dolls on sale for about US $30 at a souvenir shop in Sakhalin.

Needless to say, he bought it on the spot.

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Thousands of Goldfish Exhibited Artfully in Nihonbashi

The art of goldfish exhibiting can be fully appreciated at this Art Aquarium and Night Aquarium Exhibit called Edo Cooling Goldfish. Sponsored by Diners Card and running from August 17th (Friday) till September 24th (Monday) at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, the exhibit consists of artfully arranged aquariums where, the stars of this display, the kingyo, or goldfish, swim around demonstrating their own beauty, as well as being part of an intricate art presentation never seen before.

You have never, and may never again, see so many kingyo in one place at one time!

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“Beat” Takeshi Kitano Exhibition in Tokyo is Not Supposed to Make Sense, “I just want you to have fun”

Renowned as a filmmaker abroad and adored as a TV host and comedian at home, “Beat” Takeshi Kitano is perhaps Japan’s greatest living entertainer.

Most recently, Takeshi made his mark as an artist, showcasing a collection of original paintings, bizarre objects and interactive installations in his first major exhibition, held in 2010 at the Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris.

If you didn’t get the chance to fly out to Paris 2 years ago, fear not: the exhibition, titled “Gosse de peintre,” is now at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in Shinjuku until September 2!

We recently had the opportunity to attend a promotional event held at the exhibition and can say with confidence that, whether you’re more familiar with the dark and witty Kitano on the big screen or the goofy jokester Beat on TV, “Gosse de peintre” captures the essence of Takeshi and is a must-do for any fan.

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Japan’s Magnificent Manhole Covers

You may want to watch where you walk the next time you’re in Japan. Nearly 95 percent of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities proudly decorate their streets with custom manhole covers, many of which are beautiful slabs of art featuring local symbols such as flora and fauna, landmarks or festivals.

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A Super Simple Way to Make Colorful 3D Art!

Gather ‘round kiddies, it’s time for a RocketNews24 art lesson…IN 3D.. By that we mean the art, not the lesson itself. Today we’d like to share a super simple way to make your own 3D art!

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“Almost Time to Change My Batteries!” Japanese Girl Takes Body Art to Strange New Levels

A quick look at the photo above and you might be quick to dismiss it as photoshopped. You wouldn’t be completely wrong: the arm in the picture has certainly been “edited”, just not digitally—this skin-embedded battery compartment is actually a piece of optical illusion body art by Japanese university student, “Chooo-san”.

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From trash to usable work of art – used wine bottles transformed into beautiful glassware!

Okay, we have good news for wine lovers who feel guilty about creating lots of trash by opening all of those wine bottles. See the picture above? Yes, you guessed it – used wine bottles are now being made into beautiful glassware! Isn’t this a great, eco-friendly way to recycle wine bottles? I, for one, definitely wouldn’t mind having such nice looking plates at home. Read More

Beautiful “transparent” biological specimens a work of art – you can actually buy them and they look amazing!

Have you heard of a series of unique creations called “Transparent Specimens” produced by Iori Tomita? It may sound bizarre, but they are specimens of different living creatures including fish, arthropods, reptiles and mammals that have been specially treated to make them transparent. And the end result is far from bizarre – in fact, the specimens are so beautiful that the series of work have a considerable following of fans.

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