How to Make Gundam Using Microsoft Excel 【Video】

How many of you actually know how to use Microsoft Excel? Unless you need to make spreadsheets on a regular basis, Excel acts as the forgotten stepsister of Word and PowerPoint. Even those who claim to be able use Excel, don’t actually know how to use it. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out that with a lot of creativity and even more time, you can make amazing works of art using the most boring of all the Microsoft Office programs.

The following video shows each painstakingly detailed step to creating Gundam using Microsoft Excel (in super high speed).

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Fantasy Art: Amano Yoshitaka Art Gallery

Should you happen to be in Tokyo this Golden Week, you have until Tuesday (May 7) to check out a free (!!!) art gallery displaying some beautiful works by Amano Yoshitaka. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, some of the projects he’s worked on surely will: Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and the incomparable Sandman: the Dream Hunters.

And if you happen to have a few extra yen laying about, you can also pick up some original pieces! The least expensive one we found was only about 40,000 yen (US$402), and the most expensive we spied was about 3.8 million yen (US$38,381). Even if you can’t pick up the original art, you can still get postcards, posters, notebooks, and calendars with Amano’s brilliant art. And! You’ll get a poster just for coming by!

Photo and event information below! (Some of the photos are not safe for work!!!) Read More

These Figurines of Dogs Pinching a Loaf Will Really Tie Your Room Together

A lot of people are into collecting things like dog figurines but after a while it has to get a little monotonous. Surely all of your favorite poses have been done before?

“No!” says Sumainu, the dealers of the Dog@CUBE series of miniatures. Here we can find some novel and cute new takes on the age-old art of canine collectables with three positions including the U*chingu line seen above.

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The above image, would you believe, is titled “Glorious view of Mt. Fuji.”

The image of sex in the Edo Period is that is was more uninhibited than it is today and that there was a whole lot more of it. This idea is based in part on the erotic woodblock prints, known as shunga, by artists of the period such as Kitagawa Utamaro and Katsushika Hokusai.

But one thing many people have noticed about shunga is the treatment of women’s breasts. In contrast with the minute detail lavished on the engravings of genitals and pubic hair for both men and women, breasts are often given little attention. The nipples are not colored and sometimes not even drawn in. What gives? Were men back then just not interested in waps? Read More

Time-Lapse Tokyo: Stunning Video Captures the Captial City’s Hidden Beauty

“Seen this way, Tokyo really is beautiful.”– A comment from the Japanese Niconico Video user who originally posted photographer Samuel Cockedey’s video “Inter States” to the social video site.

The time-lapse video shows splashes of neon interspersed with orange street lamps, streaking red taillights and rushes of black figures, painting detail onto the concrete canvas that is Japan’s capital city. Hives of energy and movement, it sometimes takes an outsider’s perspective to recognise that even a sprawling metropolises like Tokyo can be quite breathtaking when we stop to notice them. The full video after the jump.

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Classy Nerdism: Gallery Specializes in Otaku Oil Paintings

If you’ve ever wanted to hang a classy oil painting of your favorite anime or manga character over the fireplace, it looks a gallery in Nagoya may have you covered. Gallery Egao, specialists in otaku oil paintings, get permission from the original artists to do oil reproductions of famous characters at their workshop in Fujian, China.

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200 Years Old And Still Irresistibly Adorable! A Timeless Image of “Cute” From the Edo Period

Okay, this little fella is seriously cute!  (And I’m not talking about the big black bull in the painting above, but the small white ball of fur in the bottom center — see him?) It’s hard to believe he’s more than 200 years old, or at least his picture is. Yes, dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time, and this particular picture that has been capturing the heart of modern internet users of late goes to prove that our love of dogs (and all things furry and adorable for that matter) truly transcend time. Just look at the little guy’s fluffy white coat and innocent puppy eyes. No wonder the image has been making net users go all gooey! Read More

Handtowels Featuring Woodblock Print Marvel Characters Too Awesome to Actually Use for Intended Purpose

A 17th century ukiyoe woodblock painting was recently uncovered by Japanese excavators depicting a futuristic robot that looks suspiciously like Marvel’s superhero, Ironman. The resemblance is so uncanny that we hear Marvel is trying to retroactively sue the artist’s descendents for copyright infringement.

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2D World Infiltrates 3D World, Or Vice Versa, in These Clever Photos 【Photo Gallery】

It seems that Chinese artists are fans of tiptoeing through the two-dimensional world. It wasn’t long ago that we first introduced an art gallery in Tianjin that featured 3D versions of famous works of art. Gallery patrons were encouraged to interact with the works by sitting on, touching, and in some cases, sticking their heads in the middle of paintings.

The newest 2D-3D hybrid photos from China have been gaining popularity on Japanese internet sites, especially delighting fans of Dragon Ball and Naruto. It looks as if this artist managed to slip into the two-dimensional world, or maybe the 2D world came to him. Either way, the cleverly photoshopped images are very cool and extremely clever.

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Impressive Textbook Doodles From Asia 【Photo Gallery】

Drawing in textbooks, although frowned upon, is prevalent throughout the world. It’s like a universal language that serves to perk up bored students in the middle of class. We’ve all seen the classic devil horns or stink lines drawn on pictures of famous figures, but the students who drew the following pictures have elevated textbook vandalism to an art. Take a look at the clever and hilarious doodles found in textbooks throughout Asia.

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Pool Season is Just Around the… Dear God! Someone Help Them!

It looks like winter is behind us in Japan now and we can soon look forward to taking a dip outdoors. However, it looks as if these people jumped the gun by a month or so and took the plunge early… with all their clothes on… carrying bags and sinking to the bottom like a stone…

What on earth is going on here?

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Beautiful Works of Art Drawn on Starbucks Boards From the US and Japan 【Photo Gallery】

We’ve all seen them; the familiar pitch-black boards at Starbucks announcing the newest coffee flavors or the month’s specials. Usually there’s not much to look at, just some nicely scrawled letters and maybe a decent looking drawing of a Starbucks cup. But take a look at the picture above; it could almost pass as a painting in a museum. The black board above was spotted at the Starbucks in front of the Tokyo University of the Arts. We’re guessing the Starbucks worker who drew it is also an art student. Browsing the net, there are actually a surprising number of artists masquerading as baristas all over the world. Take a look at the most impressive pieces of art found on Starbucks boards from the US and Japan.

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A Lost Renoir? River in China Looks Like an Oil Painting

With its saturated colors, a picture of a lake in China’s Anhui Province looks like a painting that could have been done by the French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. No Photoshop trickery here though, the above image is an actual photograph of the lake. But how did it get this way?
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Latest Edition of Cell Highlights Ground Breaking Research on… Two Girls in Kimonos Pushing a Clock Around

Take a good look at this cover for the 28 Feb. issue of noted science journal Cell. If you can tell me what this image means without reading the article then I’ll give you a shiny nickel!*

We see two young women wearing kimonos each with a hand on the minute hand of a giant clock. There are various letters and numbers printed on them, but what does it all mean?

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Kutani-ware Porcelian Skulls Remind Us of Our Mortality, Art’s Longevity

Kutaniyaki, or Kutani ware, is a style of porcelain making that dates back to the 17th Century. It’s known for its bold colors and designs, but one company is taking the traditional form in a decidedly modern direction with its new series of Kutaniyaki Skulls. Read More

Art and Eye Exams Meet: The Prize Winning Microart of Yukari Ehara

The carving above was made by microartist Yukari Ehara, as you may have noticed, on the tip of a green pencil crayon measuring 1.5mm in height.

This is nothing new for Ehara who works primarily in the 1cm to 0.1mm size range. Up until only recently she accomplished this and the other works seen below without the aid of a magnifying glass or microscope .

In addition to her pencil tip carvings let’s take a look at her miniature origami and paintings on single grains of rice and penny sized canvases.

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Fantastic Creatures Brought to Life by American Artist

Seeing these animals is like looking into a dream! Horned wolves, fire tail foxes and butterfly felines seemingly brought to life thanks to the creative work of American artist, Wood-Splitter-Lee.

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Train Life: A Stunning Collection of Photographs Depicting the Backbone of Japan’s Capital City

Tokyo’s rail network is not just a means of getting from A to B; it’s the very heart and soul of the city. With more than 40 million people taking the train each day, it’s little wonder that during periods of extreme weather or when even a single line suffers a breakdown, thousands of people’s lives are immediately affected. If we imagine Tokyo as a living, breathing organism, then its rail network undoubtedly represents the complex system of veins and arteries funneling pure human energy throughout its entire being, without which it simply could not survive.

In this series of photos simply titled Densha to Eki (lit. trains and stations), Dutch photographer, cameraman and editor Rudy van Os expertly captures the very essence of daily life in Tokyo. From sleepy students and lonely businessman to loving parents and beautiful assassins, Rudy’s photographs are a perfect slice of Tokyo life on the go.

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World Objects to Okuizumo’s Objection to Michelangelo’s David, “That Anime They Put Out Is OK, but David Isn’t?!”

Since its creation five centuries ago at the hands of master sculptor Michelangelo, David has been ruffling feathers everywhere it goes in the world. Although David stands proudly among the masterpieces of fine art, some complain he’s being a little too proud.

The latest call for size XXXXXL underpants comes from some residents in the town of Okuizumo in Shimane Prefecture. According to Yomiuri Shinbun, numerous complaints have been coming in to the effect of “education and nudity don’t mix.”

As a result, the small town has been put under an international spotlight in the endless debate of David’s Doodad.

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Totoro, Our Cute And Furry Friend? Not In This Case!

We all love Totoro, that huge cuddly bundle of fur, right? Well, maybe not this version of the lovable character  from the famous Studio Ghibli anime “My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari No Totoro)”. Yes, the dark side of the friendly forest spirit is revealed in this particular work of art we found on the internet. Take a look at the unedited photo if you dare… Read More

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