You’re in for a big surprise if you fall for this bikini wearing DJ’s sexy poster!【Photos】

RocketNews24 has seen plenty of hot babes and cute girls, both real and not-so-real. I don’t know about you, but even as one of the contributors to this site, whenever I see an article with a portrait image of a girl splashed across the top of the page, my mind usually winds up with two questions: “Is this a guy?” and “Could it be Photoshop?” The Internet’s a dangerous place after all, as you know.

So today, instead of leaving you to guess if the babe featured in this article is a dude or not, we’ll just cut to the chase. Rest assured, there’s no crossdressing or genderbending in this one. There is, however, a bit… wait, make that A LOT of Photoshop involved. Or perhaps just a lot of eating. You’ll see what I mean after the jump!

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Japanese Twitter users weigh in on the high-waist bikini debate

Japanese fashion magazines seem to be serious in declaring the high-waist bikini the hot look for the upcoming swimsuit season. Of course, we’ve had unique fashionistas try to sell us on keyboard hats and sausage gloves, neither of which turned out to be the next big thing.

So, with just a little over a month before it’s time to hit the beach, how does the Japanese online community feel about the high-waist bikini?

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This year’s most popular bikini design sure is… different

In Japan, fashion trends seem to come and go almost before you notice them. With summer rapidly approaching, many people are already planning their summer swimwear. One of this year’s most popular bikinis is a bit of a departure from last year’s styles, and it might just make you do a double-take.

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Step aside, idol groups! China’s busty game babes are here to steal the limelight【Photos】

It’s nothing new to hear of game companies hiring lovely booth babes and beautiful models to promote their products but recently, Chinese online game, Jiu Ding Tian Xia (九鼎天下) , hosted by Baidu Games heated up the competition by gathering a sizable group of 15 busty girls to form the “heavenly babe group”, F90.

How heavenly do they get? Check out their pictures and profiles after the jump!

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Korea’s online shoppers bare all in their product reviews

Ever bought something from an online merchant, only to realize after the product had arrived that it’s not what you expected? In order to minimize the probability of such situations, many online shoppers refer to the comments and reviews written by other shoppers who have bought the item previously. Some enthusiastic reviewers might even attach photographs of the products to provide a more detailed review.

Such shopping reviews with pictures attached are far from are sights on retail websites or online auctions, but Korean shoppers seem to be more enthusiastic and daring with their review photos, some even bordering on the risqué!

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Drool-worthy: Beautiful bodybuilders of Korea strut their stuff at NABBA/WFF Korea 2013

Recently on stage at Korea at the 2013 NABBA/WFF Korea Championship… tanned, toned and oiled goddesses flowed across the stage, flexing their sinuous musculature to compete for the Bikini and Sports Model categories. One would be chosen as their queen, but who would it be?

These images combine superhuman abs and rockhard thighs with other areas of alluring softness. Like fine bronze sculptures, these women (and men!) have made their bodies their art.

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Minor earthquake brings laughter, bikini girl to Japan

At 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 4, Northeastern Japan started to shake. On the Japanese shindo scale, the quake measured between 3 and 4 (overhead lights sway and objects rattle, but some people who are on the move may not notice it) in most areas, a ‘low-5′ at its strongest. Thankfully, there are thought to have been no casualties as the tremor was relatively short-lived, and with the quake of March 2011 and weeks of resulting aftershocks having been far stronger, the people of Tohoku are now fairly hardened when it comes to smaller rumbles.

Curiously though, no sooner had the earthquake passed than a few jokesters began sharing the above image from the Japan Meteorological Agency, along with messages of “LOL” and ‘Why do I suddenly feel like I want to go to Northeastern Japan?”

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And Now For Chinese Bikini Models in the Snow

You can tell the models in the pictures in the gallery below are professionals. Not because they’re posing outside in -20°C (-4°F) weather while wearing bikinis, but because they manage to smile while doing it.

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