Art exhibition: How to flip a skirt in a cute way (Schoolgirl complex 4)

Yuki Aoyama’s How to flip a skirt in a cute way: Schoolgirl Complex 4 photography is apparently so good it needs a commemorative publication exhibition.

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Cats appear at Japan’s famous Tanabata Festival in Sendai this summer

The huge streamer decorations that draw crowds from all around Japan will now feature adorable cat characters created by an anime artist.

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Ultraman pictures prove he protects everyone, humans and furry kitties alike【Photos】

He isn’t just the hero that we need — he’s exactly the hero that we want!

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How to win tug-of-war with a dog who doesn’t want walkies to end

Watch this resolute stand-off dissolve into joyous jumping thanks to a simple trick by the pup’s owner.

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Japanese police spotted taking dog downtown like a felon in custody

The pup’s sad face makes us wonder what on earth he did to earn himself a ride in a cop car.

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Japanese lingerie brand brings out line of Sanrio anime bra sets for girls with smaller busts

Beauty is in the tiniest details.

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Cute cat finds way to make humans bow down and worship him at Japanese shrine

The furry new deity, however, forgot about a couple of small yet important details.

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Totoro runs, does aerobics, and holds an impressive yoga pose in series of cute illustrated GIFs

The rotund character from Studio Ghibli inspires us all with his adorable “Totorobics” workout.

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You need to follow this Instagram account if you are learning Japanese

Studying a language on the go has never been easier.

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New Tokyo cat cafe filled only with “Apple Cats” who have feline AIDS

The initiative aims to increase awareness and reduce prejudice against cats infected with the virus.
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Pata the Otter celebrates her 20th birthday with a photo exhibit!

You otter brace yourself for a wave of cuteness.

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Cosplay at the beach with new range of beautiful Japanese maid uniform bikini sets

Now you can go swimming in your maid’s costume this summer.

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New “species of snake” discovered purring in desert?【Video】

Could the long, twitching piece of fur belong to the body of a snake or some other cheeky animal?

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Videos of Japanese kitten learning to climb stairs are amazingly heartwarming and inspiring

They grow up so fast/adorably, don’t they?

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How to visit the cats of Jogashima Island Park on a “Tuna Ticket” from Tokyo

We take a trip to an island close to Tokyo and find a haven for adorably sleepy, relaxed kitties.
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Latest Japanese Instagram trend: photos of baby butts covered up with peaches【Pics】

The trendiest way to embarrass your child years from now.

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Female Japanese tanuki racoon dogs get a chance to shine in new lineup of gacha capsule toys

Male raccoon dog statues are often displayed with their large, uh, family jewels outside Japanese eateries, but soon female tanuki will shine with a different set of large assets.

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Show your love of Japanese cuisine with cute range of sushi backpacks

Bring the crazy spirit of Harajuku fashion culture to your wardrobe by adding a giant slice of raw fish to your outfit.

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Cute cat shows us what it’s like to fall asleep instantly

From happily preening to deep sleep in 0.5 seconds.

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Adorable family of cats and children look out for each other during nap time and at play

This heartwarming collection of photos reveals the beautiful bonds created between children and pets.

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