Smartphone remorse – Commuting with a blindfold to better understand blind pedestrians’ plight

After staring at his phone and almost crashing into a blind pedestrian in Tokyo, our reporter decided to walk a mile in his shoes.

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Be kind to blind pedestrians by choosing where you step when walking through the snow in Japan

Unexpected request changes attitudes about sidewalk manners and being considerate of vision-impaired residents.

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A Silent Voice, anime film about bullied deaf girl, has an emotional new trailer【Video】

Female lead’s voice acting sounds like nothing else in recent anime.

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Anime film about bullied deaf girl to be shown in theaters with subtitles for hearing-impaired

Producers for A Silent Voice are planning to accommodate fans who, like the series’ female lead, can’t hear.

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Man parks over sidewalk guide for the blind, gets lesson in manners from Okinawan fourth-grader

There’s still a lot of room for improvement regarding the availability of elevators in Japan’s train stations and other public facilities, but the country doesn’t have a totally sub-par record in helping the disabled retain their mobility. For example, on the sidewalks of most moderately large streets, you’ll find a row of bumps that operate as a guide for blind pedestrians, indicating not only any curves in the walkway but also warning of intersections and steps ahead.

Obviously, good manners dictate keeping the path clear, but in all that empty space one Japanese motorist saw a perfectly-placed parking spot. And while Japanese culture often errs on the side of not sticking your nose in other people’s business, it looks like one elementary school student couldn’t let this go without giving the driver a piece of his mind, even if the inconsiderate owner wasn’t anywhere to be found right then.

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