PSY Appears as Violent Rapist in Japanese Comic Book, South Koreans Enraged

While Gangnam Style never took off in Japan many people in the country are still well aware of its success.

However, given recent political tensions between Japan and Korea, and a general mutual loathing between the internet communities of both countries, Japan’s reaction to the Korean superstar’s rise to fame has been more cynical than congratulatory.

Normally, Korea wouldn’t care; after all, they’re the ones who produced the most popular video in the history of the internet. But when the Korean media discovered a Japanese manga that parodies PSY as a member of a Korean gang that abducts, tortures, and eventually rapes a group of Japanese high school girls, the internet masses erupted in fury.

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Siri Puts the “Ass” Back into Personal Assistant with Her Japanese Record Debut

Japanese independent musicians IOSYS (ee-oh-she-su) have a treat in store for us this Christmas.  They created a concept album titled Teach me Shiri Sensei! starring everyone’s favorite virtual assistant who only knows what you’re saying half of the time, Siri.

You might be wondering from the image above why anthropomorphic moé Siri (yes, that’s her) has a severe case of plumber’s crack. It’s not just pervy for the sake of being pervy. In Japanese, there isn’t really a “see/si” sound. Instead, it’s a “she” sound.

First, this can make it very funny when a Japanese person asks “May I take a seat?” Second, this changes the pronunciation of Siri to “Shiri”, which is the Japanese word for “buttocks.”  This word play is a major theme in the album.

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