We fall in (and out) of love with McDonald’s new Diner Double Beef burger

On January 7, McDonald’s Japan started rolling out its new American Vintage menu items, with the first batch inspired by the diners of the 1950s. Our recent taste test of the fast food giant’s Classic Fries with Cheese left us less than impressed, what with a cheese sauce that didn’t taste like cheese and their ineffective “bacon flavored topping,” which McDonald’s is at least kind enough to admit isn’t the genuine article.

Still, the Golden Arches managed to lure us back to give its American Vintage menu another shot with a very persuasive offering. Two very persuasive ones, actually, in the form of the two beef patties in its Diner Double Beef burger.

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We try McDonald’s Japan’s new “Classic Fries with Cheese”

When McDonald’s Japan announced recently a rolling set of new menu items based on supposedly classic American recipes, the majority of the Internet – recalling how awesome the Big America series was – collectively foodgasmed in anticipation.

Unfortunately, now that the first items are finally here, consumer reviews have viciously skewered the new “Classic Fries with Cheese,” with comments ranging from, “This is unpleasant” to “This tastes like sloth pee.” Questions of how some Netizens know what sloth pee tastes like aside, it’s safe to conclude opinions are widely divided. So, of course, fast food connoisseurs that we are, we had to try the item for ourselves and throw our hat into the public debate ring.

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Where Santa Claus buys his burgers: the world’s northernmost McDonald’s

Everyone, do you know where the world’s northernmost McDonald’s is? Here’s a hint: you can sometimes spot the aurora borealis from there. Our Japanese reporter recently headed up north to check it out and brought back some very cool photos that we wanted to share with you.

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Sexy doctors and nurses serve up McDonald’s in Taiwan!

The weather might still be chilly down in Taiwan right now, but the heat among their McDonald’s outlets is blazing through the roof! Last year, we found outlets with their cashier girls dressed as maids, schoolgirls and flight attendants, but on New Year’s Day this year, an McDonald’s outlet at Kaohsiung joined the cosplay rally with cashiers dressed in pastel pink nurse uniforms and thigh-high stockings!

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McDonald’s Taiwan serves up fast food with cat ears, schoolgirl uniforms and a salute!

We recently found a McDonald’s in Taiwan with cashiers who served customers in ultra-cute pink maid uniforms, but apparently that was just the beginning. Not happy with just catering to McDonald’s customers with maid fetishes, this particular McDonald’s has been branching out and workers were seen wearing the iconic Japanese-style schoolgirl outfit, knee-high stockings and cat ears. These cat-eared Sailor Moon-inspired costumes were a big hit and have left netizens all over the world wanting more!

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McDonald’s has maids in Taiwan. We’ve got videos here

As an American living in Japan, I often get asked, “Do you miss McDonald’s?” This always strikes me as a strange question, as living near downtown Tokyo puts me in closer proximity to more outlets of the Golden Arches than I ever had growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Plus, it’s a little hard to get homesick for McDonald’s when you’ve got access to mouth-watering okonomiyaki and sushi joints, not to mention delicious Indian and Chinese restaurants. Being surrounded by the culinary delights of Asia means it takes something pretty special to coax you into a Big Mac run.

McDonald’s cashiers in Taiwan dressing up in frilly pink maid outfits definitely qualifies.

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How to make your own McDonald’s Japan-only gratin croquette burger

There are a few telltale signs that winter is coming. The sunset starts to come a little earlier in the day. Christmas lights go up around town. And, as sure as Santa making his rounds, McDonald’s Japan starts selling one of its most popular seasonal menu items, the gratin croquette burger.

We realize, though, that many of our loyal readers live outside of Japan. We don’t want anyone to feel left out, so we’re explaining how you can duplicate the sandwich, mostly with ingredients you’ve probably already got in your pantry. Be warned though. The gratin croquette burger is almost entirely made out of flour, and this delicious cocktail of carbs is in no way a feasible choice for anyone following the Atkins diet, no matter how delicious it is.

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McDonald’s Japan’s menu item base costs leaked, make us wonder what’s in the burgers

It’s no secret that RocketNews24 writers are big fans of McDonald’s Japan, with its selection of artery-clogging novelty menu items providing endless amusement and article fodder at price ranges that even an Internet “journalist” can afford day after day.

Every once in a while, though, we find it necessary to dish the dirt on McDonald’s Japan so that our readers don’t think we’re on the Golden Arches’ payroll. So, fortuitously, an anonymous Netizen recently leaked McDonald’s Japan’s base costs for its most popular menu items and we have to admit, we found the dangerously low – sometimes single digit – yen values to be alarming and disturbing at the same time.

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Surgical mask with your McMuffin, sir? McDonald’s Japan’s bizarre freebies are back!

Cheapskates and junk food lovers rejoice! McDonald’s Japan has recently announced that its bizarre freebies promotion, also known as the Morning Makku Present promo, is set to return!

Every Monday morning between October 7 and November 18, purchasers of a Morning Value Set will receive a free gift, with products ranging from packs of chewing gum and orange juice to surgical face-masks and band-aids.

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McDonald’s Japan introduces new, kind of lazy breakfast sandwich

In the world of fast food, it often seems like the name of the game is “innovate or die.” Though you’d think that two buns, lettuce, tomato, onions, and a hamburger patty would be enough, McDonald’s Japan introduces new sandwiches faster than we can count them.

In fact, next Friday, the fast food chain will release a new sandwich called the “McToast.” But wait a second, look at that picture. Isn’t it just two inverted buns, cheese, and ham? And, hey, doesn’t it look kind of…familiar?

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Tired and ignored by the children of Japan, Ronald McDonald takes a break

Poor Ronald McDonald (known as “Donald” in Japan). He got all dressed up in his floppy red shoes and white makeup, put on his biggest smile, and marched down to a McDonald’s restaurant for a meet and greet, only to find that not a single child showed up to see him. And now, the people of the Internet are laughing at his tired, worn out expression.

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Eggciting News! McDonald’s Japan’s fall Tsukimi Burger line expanded

Fall in Japan is a very special time of year. The leaves go from green to a plethora of gorgeous colors, the hellish summer heat and constant cacophony of cicadas finally relent, and the legendary McDonald’s Tsukimi Burger becomes available to stuff into your eager face by the sack full. This year, fall is even more special, as McDonald’s is expanding the Tsukimi Burger lineup to four different delicious sandwiches. Be still, my tightening arteries!

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“How did you like that burger with my spit in it?” Korean McDonalds delivery guy taunts customer

Recently, a bizarre scandal surfaced involving South Korean McDonald’s home delivery service. The chain of events was set in motion when a university student living in Seoul’s Mapo district made a phone call to order two hamburger combos, then waited for his order to be delivered. Little did he know that in doing so he was about to become entangled in a scandal that caught the attention of most of Asia.

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Our reporter tries black and white burgers from McDonald’s Taiwan

Officially called, “Stunning Black and White Fortress,” this pair of burgers, one white and one black, is being sold for a limited time only at McDonald’s in Taiwan. The name alone made our reporter want to try this duo, but how would these unnaturally colored burgers taste?

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McDonald’s $10 Quarter Pounders’ packaging alone estimated to be a sizeable amount

The dust has settled and a week has already passed since we saw the last of the Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series, McDonald’s Japan’s trio of luxury burgers. We had a lot of fun trying out truffle sauce, spicy chorizo, and rings of golden pineapple and enjoyed the experience, like most had, in spite of the high prices.

But many commenters from around the world who gazed upon these special Quarter Pounders couldn’t help but shake the fact that it appeared as if the packing was what took up most of the money. Japanese website Byokan Sunday was one such observer and decided to break down the cost of luxurious Jewelry Series’ bags and boxes to see how much of the ten dollar price tag went into making them.

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Food stall-like McDonald’s that only serves drinks and ice cream

If you were asked to think of the most loved fast food restaurant in the world, surely it would have to be the big M. After all, it is a place that, regardless of age and status, anyone can relax in the laid back atmosphere and indulge themselves in guilty fast-food pleasures.

In the Philippines there is one style of McDonald’s that arguably defies all traditional views of what a Mickey D’s represents. Its unique point lies in the fact that it is just like a food stall you’re likely to come across walking down your local street, and you won’t find a single hamburger or carton of fries on the menu.

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We try the $10 Quarter Pounder Ruby Spark, smacks us in the mouth with flavor

On 20 July, McDonald’s Japan released their third and final luxury Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series burger, the Quarter Pounder Ruby Spark. Like the Black Diamond and Gold Ring that came before it, the Ruby Spark sold for the exorbitant amount of 1,000 yen (US$10).

The Ruby Spark’s special premium ingredient was a few slices of chorizo developed specifically for this sandwich. As customers started devouring the one-day-only sandwich and took to the net to voice their opinions, public sentiment was unusually divided straight down the middle with a balance of comments declaring it “perfect” and “not good enough.”

Curious at how polarizing one burger can be, we sent a reporter to check one out.

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Quarter Pounder Black Diamond diners ask, “Where are the truffles?”

This past July 13, McDonald’s Japan released their second premium sandwich, the Quarter Pounder Black Diamond for one day only for the ostentatious price of 1,000 yen (US$10).

This one in particular drew lots of customers thanks to its special truffle ingredient. Many were hoping to finally get an affordable taste of these luxurious fungi. However, many ended up still wondering if they actually know what a truffle tastes like.

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Enjoy a 1,000-yen burger and feel like the King of McDonaldland with this embarrassing special seating

McDonald’s Japan last weekend introduced the first in its limited-time lineup of luxury quarter pounders with the 1,000 yen (US$10) “Black Diamond,” which features truffle shavings and thick-cut bacon.

Some McDonald’s locations, apparently unconvinced their usual clientele would spring for the exorbitantly-priced burger, decided to go above and beyond by offering a special seat for anyone who ordered the menu item.

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We try the $10 Quarter Pounder that’s only available in Japan on July 6

McDonald’s Japan recently announced a new line of high-class Quarter Pounders that cost nearly ten bucks. Marketed as the “Jewelry series,” they come with premium ingredients such as truffle sauce, pineapple, or chorizo and each burger will only be available for one day in Japan. The first of the series, the Quarter Pounder Gold Ring, will be served up in a special “jewelry box” on July 6. If you live in Japan, hurry on over to your nearest McDonald’s, this ultra limited edition Quarter Pounder is only available today.

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