New anime film from former Studio Ghibli director takes over ads and packaging at the supermarket

Characters from Mary and the Witch’s Flower team up with prominent brands for a spectacular promotional campaign.

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New McFlurry from McDonald’s Japan offers swirls of caramel to make you dizzy with sweetness

What’s sweeter than  caramel? Soft serve ice cream mixed with caramel!

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Hi-Chew candies get revamped into ice cream sweet treats just in time for summer

The popular candy can now help keep you cool on a hot summer day.

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Popcorn and lemon tea? The unlikely combo is here for a limited time, so of course we had to try!

When life gives you lemons, make lemon tea-flavored popcorn!

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Fruit drink expired for 21 years delivers a literal fruit punch to our staff【RocketScience】

You would never guess what a can of fruit drink from 1995 smells like, and now, thanks to us, you won’t have to.

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Lightly-salted, potato-cracker-flavored ice cream now on sale nationwide

As Japan continues to make an ice cream flavor of every conceivable thing, the limited Ottotto Ice is now only available at Family Mart.

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Japan getting special spring caramel flavor, but this time it’s not sakura

Here’s a hint, this fruity flavor comes before the cherry blossoms.

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New whisky Koeda chocolates from Morinaga: almost as strong as light beer, much more delicious

We feel the effects of 3.1% alcohol just by eating a pack of the new premium range of chocolate “twigs”.

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Enjoy the taste of Japanese vocaloid Hatsune Miku with new Angel Pie sweets from Morinaga

These delicious-looking cream-filled sweets take sound bites to a whole new level.

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Japanese chocolates come to life as ikemen “hot guy” anime characters

Say hello to six chocolates in handsome human form.

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Love banana bread? Love ice cream? You can have both with this Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich!

We certainly seem to have an affinity for bananas here in Japan. We love bananas so much, in fact, that we’ve even seen them made into sushi on occasion. So we guess it’s not unreasonable to expect banana bread to also be popular in Japan, which is apparently what the folks at Japanese confection maker Morinaga are counting on with their newly released ice cream product. Yes, their new Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich lets you have both banana bread and ice cream at the same time!

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Morinaga releases Attack on Titan ChocoBalls — packages feature mascot bird Kyurochan in cosplay!

Who doesn’t love light, crunchy chocolate snacks that you can pop easily into your mouth, right? The Chocoball chocolates, from major Japanese snack maker Morinaga, have long been a popular snack in Japan and available in a wide range of flavors over the years. And what do you get when you cross over a well-loved snack like that with one of the biggest manga/anime hits in recent years? You get an awesomely cool snack, like these Attack on Titan ChocoBalls that have just been released this week!

Yes, this chocolate and manga collaboration comes in three exciting flavors for a limited time, and we have to say Kyuro-chan, the mascot bird for the ChocoBall brand, definitely looks dashing and ready to take on some Titans as he appears on the packages cosplaying as the main characters from the manga! So, ready to take a look at the special collaborative ChocoBall products?

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Here are Japan’s favorite ice creams from last month! Vanilla wins by a mile…

Like any other country, Japan loves ice cream. Especially in the summer months, the delicious treat just flies out of the freezers. And thankfully this year, no reports of errant freezer divers have appeared online! Maybe they finally got it out of their system–or at least learned not to post photos on Twitter…

So, which flavor of ice cream is the most popular in Japan? While that’s certainly a question with an amorphous answer, there is one way to come up with a satisfying conclusion: Take a look at ice cream sales!

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Toothbrush Hero! Candy Maker Plans to Fight Cavities through Video Games

Major Japanese food conglomerate Morinaga had a dilemma to face.  Children have loved their fruity Hi-Chew candies for a long time but the high sugar content means eating too much can be bad for their teeth.

Just as tooth decay ravages ones pearly whites, so does poor hygiene affect Morinaga’s bottom line. You can’t eat chewy candy without teeth after all.

That’s why the confectioner has declared war on tooth decay.  To do this they have invented and are testing the “world’s first” toothbrush training video game to prefect the nation’s tykes’ dental habits.

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Popular Chupa Chups Go Mini

On March 21st candy company Morinaga is going to begin selling the popular Chupa Chups lollipops in a more bite-size size. The suggested retail price for a bag of 14 is 198 yen (about $2.37).

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