Penguin Bomb papercraft is the most amazing thing you’ll see today【Video】

Watch as a flat stack of paper springs to life like magic, instantly becoming a three-dimensional penguin in the blink of an eye.

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Japanese origami vending machine makes news around the country

The unusual machine with the sweet folded paper designs is warming people’s hearts around Japan.

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3-D paper-cutting artist shows off masterpieces made from single piece of paper【Pics】

Japanese kirie master SouMa doesn’t believe paper-cutting needs to be so two-dimensional.

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5 best Studio Ghibli papercraft kits that you can assemble yourself

From My Neighbor Totoro to Porco Rosso, these cute kits let you recreate miniature worlds from your favorite Miyazaki films.

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Papercraft kit allows you to recreate mysterious village from Spirited Away in incredible detail

The village joins a line of beautifully detailed paper art kits that allow you to put together scenes and settings from your favorite Ghibli films!

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Byoudo Temple’s Phoenix Hall rebuilt as stunning papercraft project

Japan is well-known for its beautiful sightseeing destinations, particularly in and around Kyoto. From Kiyomizu Temple to the Gold Pavilion, there’s a nearly unlimited supply of gorgeous buildings to check out. But perhaps one of the most fascinating is the Phoenix Hall in Byoudou Temple, the expansive temple gracing the ten-yen coin.

Sadly, the hall has been undergoing repairs since September 2012, making it off-limits to visitors. Fortunately, the Phoenix Hall will reopen in March next year, but what a bummer it must have been for visitor who missed out over the last 16 months. Well fret not, disappointed sight-seers! We’ve found something almost as awesome: A Nico Nico Douga user has made a near-exact replica of the structure–using only cardboard!

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