Question reveals how foreigners feel about speaking Japanese, getting English in return

Living in a foreign country has its trials and tribulations. There are all new customs and sometimes a new language you have to learn, creating a situation that can be really frustrating and depressing. Then one day you wake up, turn on the TV and suddenly, “Huh, I kinda get what’s going on here,” and you know you’re finally ready. It’s time to speak to the locals…with confidence!

In Japan, a very interesting thing happens though. You may speak close to native level and yet the Japanese person will respond back in ENGLISH. Has this happened to you?

How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English?” Foreigners were asked this question on Japan Today and it was shared by  Madame Riri, a Japanese blogger. What do both parties have to say about this? More after the jump!

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14.8% of Japanese Housewives Claim to Have Committed Adultery, 60.8% of Whom Having 2-5 Partners

Japanese daytime drama “Shiawase no jikan”(Toukai TV station), or “Time of Happiness” in English, has become notorious for setting hearts a-racing and palms a-sweating with to its saucy depiction of extramarital liaisons. In this drama both sexes find themselves, in someway or another, indulging in illicit flings, with most of the affairs getting, shall we say ‘messy’, fairly quickly.

As far as dramas go, adultery or some form of sexual depiction is a secure way to increase the viewing ratings, but what about the marital situation of the ‘real’ Japanese housewives out there? A recent poll has the answers!

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