College students “go shoplifting,” document the act with Twitpics

Someone believed to be a college student recently posted an image of another college girl shoplifting food on Twitter. According to the photos, she girls stole some onigiri and what appear to be two cups of instant noodles.

This is just the latest installment in the recently growing fad of posting obnoxious or illegal behavior on Twitter with the apparent aim of receiving hate posts from other netizens. This tweet was no different, receiving scorn and speculation for scores of watchers.

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Elderly these days: older Tokyoites are getting very sticky fingers

Tokyo police announced this week that, for the first time since they started keeping detailed statistics, the number of elderly shoplifters has exceeded the number of juveniles. So much for the “you kids these days” rant, Oba-chan.

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Shoplifting becomes an increasingly difficult problem for Japanese officers

According to Japan’s National Police Agency, the number of shoplifting cases on record has been at a steady high for the past 10 years or so. In 2012 there were a total of 135,000 documented cases nation-wide. Granted, Japan’s crime rate is less than one-fourth that of the United States according to some sources, but it still ranks in as having the sixth highest crime rate in the world. For shoplifting in particular, the problem appears to lie less with the will of the law enforcement and more with the attitudes of society. Many individuals will become angry and defensive on behalf of the thieving criminals, as though having beat the shop’s security system makes it acceptable to have stolen something in the first place! This has caused quite a few problems for security officials.

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China in Grip of Crime Wave Perpetrated by Little Girls, Luckily They’re All Terrible at Avoiding Security Cameras

We previously ran the story of a young girl who stole her mother’s husband in China, but it appears the thieving exploits of innocent faced cherubs has been reaching epidemic levels across the country.  However, it appears electronics are the main object of affection for these shoplifting small fries caught on tape.

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