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Those of you who spend much time thinking about sports, international politics, or moaning, naked women might recall the incident a few years ago where Chinese soccer fans held up banners proclaiming “The Senkaku Islands belong to us! Sola Aoi belongs to the world!” The dual proclamation served as a simultaneous declaration of their territorial stance towards the disputed land masses and their egalitarian attitude regarding the Japanese porn star-turned singer and actress who’s amassed a massive fanbase in China.

The Senkaku issue remains a thorny one, in part complicated by the islands stubborn refusal to simply pick a side in the spat between Japan and China and move themselves closer to one country or the other. Sola, on the other hand, is much more mobile, and may be taking the comment about the whole world having the right to bask in her aura to heart as she’s reportedly considering moving her target market from China to Southeast Asia.

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What do AV star Sola Aoi and Monkey King Sun Wukong have in common? Cheeky netizens explain

Journey to the West, which many in the West may have first encountered as Japanese TV series Monkey, is one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, read and loved by Chinese and international readers alike for its exciting storyline and charismatic characters, among which Sun Wukong–otherwise known as the Monkey King–is probably the most famed and adored.

But how could there possibly be any similarity between Sun Wukong (孙悟空) and one of Japan’s most popular adult video actresses, Sola Aoi (苍井空)? Apart from the obvious fact that they both have the Chinese character for sky (空) in their names, we didn’t think they had anything in common whatsoever, but Chinese fans had a clearer idea. The similarities pointed out were peppered puns and with innuendo, but they were so well-played that we couldn’t help but smile at some of them.

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Political Tensions between Japan and China Heightened by Soccer Fans’ Comments Regarding a Hot Adult Film Star… oh and a bunch of rocks in the ocean somewhere

A serious issue of contention between the countries of China, Taiwan and Japan was further fueled by banners held up during an AFC Champions League soccer game between the Guangzhou Evergrande and the Kashiwa Reysol.

“Senkaku Islands belong to us! Sola Aoi belongs to the world!” read the various printed banners and cards being held by many supporters of the Guangzhou team.

This is of course in reference to the long-standing feud between China and Japan over the ownership of incredibly hot adult film star Sola Aoi.  The disputed actress known for her roles in Rear End Special and Illegal Tits Violation 14 was originally widely accepted as a national of Japan.

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