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Japanese couple creates awesome Pokémon-style wedding invitations

Instead of Pikachu, these creative Pokémon fans have chosen each other.

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Tom Brady thinks a Pokémon character might have stolen his Super Bowl jersey

Pikachu is in the clear, but the pro football player suspects one of his anime co-stars might be guilty of the crime.

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Rurouni Kenshin mobile game announced for release this spring alongside new series arc

You can preregister for the game now!

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Dating simulator’s artwork submission rejected for being too painfully realistic

There’s a fine line between “cute displeased” and “hurt-the-player’s-feelings” displeased.

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Downloadable content announced for new Legend of Zelda game before the game’s release

While some are excited about the prospect, others… not so much.

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Street Fighter II’s iconic bonus round gets a new car in awesome Toyota video【Video】

Fighting game’s last boss fights against Toyota’s newest model.

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“Magikarp, use splash!” Mysterious Pokémon mobile app game to be released this spring

Is it finally Magikarp’s time to shine?

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Want to make sure your Eevee evolves into Umbreon or Espeon in the Pokémon GO update? Here’s how

Because some things in life, like Pokémon training, are too important to leave up to chance.

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VR program lets user experience one of the most disgusting worlds of anime and video games【Video】

Fans have been singing the praises of Saya’s Song for over a decade, and now it’s time to step inside the protagonist’s head.

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Over 80 new Pocket Monsters being added to Pokémon GO this week【Video】

The Johto region is coming to Pokémon GO this week in the game’s biggest update yet.

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The My Nintendo Store website crashes, but all is forgiven

No standard error message as Nintendo unleashes its latest cute creation: Nin-Godzilla

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Konami reveals video game heroine Bombergirl, and her new image will set off sparks

Bombs, beauty, and, as this artwork would seem to suggest, other things beginning with the letter “B” are all part of the latest installment of the classic video game franchise.

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Looking to add some Pokémon flair to your home interior? Gigantic Lapras plushie is here to help

This Pocket Monster is way too big to fit in your pocket.

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Japan’s sweet and stylish Pokémon glasses are the best reason to ditch your contact lenses

Pikachu and pals are here to help you see plus protect your peepers during prolonged PC sessions.

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Japanese company will send instructors to your home to teach you how to be good at video games

Now you don’t have to hit the streets to become a better street fighter.

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Nintendo Switch’s “Baby” game turns your console controller into a screaming nightmare【Video】

Experience the joy of sleepless nights and stress migraines with Nintendo’s 1-2-Switch!

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy with epic Cup Noodle worthy of a final boss

Thirty years spanning fifteen iconic “final” adventures. Let the feast begin!
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Japanese Twitter artist recreates awesome fighting video game scenes in Nanoblock form

Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, and Dragon Ball Z all serve as inspiration for blocky coolness.

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Overwatch’s D.Va becomes symbol of Women’s March and feminist group in South Korea

“Nerf this, patriarchy!”

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The story behind some of the most and least successful video games in history

Mario rises in one corner, E.T. gets buried in another. This handy infographic explains it all.
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