Japanese Internet users show off their myriad coffee filter-based life hacks

Coffee filters, is there nothing they can’t do? Yes, but still.

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Sakura yoghurt from Danone Japan is filled with real cherry blossom leaves

The taste of sakura can now be found in dairy sections across the country.

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Science Brings Us Yogurts With Stay-Clean Lids, Destroys Cultural Heritage and Deeply Saddens my Cat

It’s a routine that many of us have been used to since we had packed lunches at school: peel back the yogurt lid, carefully separate it from the pot, inspect the underside, lick clean. Well, unless you were posh and used a spoon to scrape the excess back into the pot, but where’s the fun in that?

Well those days might soon be a thing of the past.

Like VHS, cassette tapes and Swatch watches, licking the lid of a yogurt pot might soon be something that only people of a certain age will fondly remember…

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